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Although this moment was beyond heartbreaking, and I thought this was gonna be the biggest anime upset of all time I respect Zoro more than any for his strong held beliefs in his captain!! Truly unthinkable that he can stand atop the pillars of the worlds, no the seas and the worlds greatest swordsman!! He is one who does not falter from his path no matter the pain!! Keep yourself and your pride in check but always stand true to your beliefs and even if something may hurt follow through to your dreams because if they're meant to be they will happen in the end!! Anime is Life!! One Piece is Love!!
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@DevilsSon agree 100% NAKAMA!! @koifries yeah I agree with that I had a card showing them and Rogers wife n then below was Luffy zoro n Nami and it all fit together!!
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this was a very intents moment in one piece for me! I was literly on the edge of my seet and getting alot of chills! ONE PIECE AND ANIME IS LIFE!
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@MoisEsGaray def agree NAKAMA I started bawling bc I thought it was all over and I was losing it!!
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@MoisEsGaray and yes OP & ANIME IS LIFE!!!!!!! Agree so so so so much
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