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With the One Piece crew it's nothing but tears, blood and swear, and of course the SMILES!! Respect the most badass pirate crew to exist through all history!! One Piece is Love!! Anime is Life!!
@CreeTheOtaku NAKAMA!! You can message me if you need to!! I hope your feeling better and this atleast put a smile on your face😉 I'm always here for my NAKAMA!! So if I can help anyway possible I'm more than willing. Just remember smile even if your sad or upset bc something better will always happen and the future holds tons of dreams and adventures!! Sorry for the Pun but like OP keep happy and smile, sadness and anger n hate happen but if we keep smiling and try our best always we can change our fates and this world too!! Stay strong and smile NAKAMA!! I'll smile for you all day NAKAMA!! 😃
I probably needed this because I woke up to something that made me be sad, hateful, and depressed
one piece is life ❤