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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Reader x Yoongi
Length: 5365 words
Warning: Intimacy, Swearing, Depression
Summary: He was my everything, but to him we were nothing.
Part: 8/?
Y/n’s POV
“You’re taken, we’re not kissing!” I hissed as Jungkook’s footsteps came closer.
“Sit on the desk and pretend to write!” I ordered as I wrestled free and pushed him towards his desk. I then proceeded to dive under his bed, making sure his sheets hung down from all directions so I was completely covered from Jungkook’s view.
Jungkook burst in just as I had ensured I was well hidden.
“You could knock”, Taehyung remarked calmly. “Where is she?” Jungkook demanded. He sounded so close. I shut my eyes tight and tried to control my breathing.
I felt so hurt by Jungkook, that I had to go to to such lengths to avoid him. I didn’t need to hear any shitty explanations, so he could save himself the trouble.
“Before you give me any crap, I can see her gym bag on the floor. So no bullshit please.”
Taehyung paused before speaking. “She came back with Hoseok. Grabbed a quick bite to eat. Changed into her normal clothes here. Then went home. That’s why you probably saw her shoes downstairs. She said she’ll be back for her stuff later.”
I was impressed with how quick Tae had thought up the lie. I mean, he was a terrible liar. I relaxed slightly and opened my eyes, seeing a shiny metal object on the floor next to me. It was Taehyung’s key.
What the hell is it doing under his bed? Idiot.
“I’ll ring her.” Jungkook said sounding worried.
“No point”, Taehyung replied quickly. “She left her phone in her bag.”
Jungkook let out a string of curse words.
“What’s so important that you need to talk to her right now?” Taehyung asked carefully.
“Nothing”, Jungkook said quickly. “Just something about studying. I might go round to hers now.”
And with that he was gone. I heard Tae get up and shut the door, breathing a quiet sigh of relief.
“Y/n-ah? He’s gone, come out now.”
I grabbed his key and crawled out from under his bed. “Lock it”, I said quietly, chucking the key at him. The minute Jungkook realised I wasn’t home he’d come running back.
Once he did, he started to sit back in the chair but I pushed his ass out the way and sat down in it myself. No way was I going to sit on his bed, ew.
He flopped on the bad, staring at me intently. “You know I only bought you about ten minutes before he’s back, right?”
“Pabo, door’s locked now. It’s all good.”
He rolled his eyes.
“How was the amusement park?” I suddenly asked. I wanted to know the thought processes that had even occurred for him to end up going with those two bitches and Yoongi- if the idiot even had thought about it.
“Shit”, he said quietly. He wasn’t just saying it to appease me, he was being genuine. “I wish you’d gone. Suzy kept trying to get Yoongi alone, and Krystal wanted me to pay for every ride.”
I snorted. “You love rides though.”
He shook his head grimly. “Not with them lot I don’t.” He hesitated before adding, “I should pay you back, you didn’t even go.”
I snorted again. “Don’t be an idiot Tae. I don’t care about the money.”
“Aish you call me so many names”, he grumbled. “You big baby”, I taunted, twirling in his chair, staring at the ceiling. When I looked at him, he was pouting, making me laugh.
“Stop it. I’m gonna freshen and get changed. If I’m gonna be here a while, I don’t wanna be in these clothes.” He nodded as I got up and went through my back.
My phone was on silent, but the screen was lit as someone was ringing me. I didn’t need three guesses to know who it was. I declined the call and threw the device back in my bag.
I had bought a plain tee-shirt and leggings- as usual- and quickly went to freshen up. 5 minute cold spray under the shower, hair washed, clothes on and back out.
Tae was still sat on his bed when I came in. He was texting furiously, a frown on his usually smiling face.
I snickered. “Girlfriend troubles?”
He looked up, the frown not leaving his face. “She’s not my girlfriend.” I stopped smiling. That was the only reason I hadn’t kissed him, in all honesty. I thought him and Krystal were back together. Plus, it would be a weird thing to do, kissing my (supposed) best friend.
“Yoongi hyung texted me saying if you are with me, I need to keep you away from Jungkook.”
I looked at him. “What, you gonna fight him?” I giggled at the thought. Tae was the least violent person I had ever met. “What, you think I’m weak?”, he joked back.
“What did you reply?”, I asked, referring to Yoongi’s text. “I just told him not to worry, and that the door’s locked. And he just replied ‘good’.”
I nodded, secretly liking that Yoongi was still trying to look out for me, despite his fuck ups.
I sat down and watched Tae as he typed away on his phone, his tongue sticking out slightly as it always did when he was concentrating. Without even looking up he said “What?”
“What ‘what’?” I teased.
He looked up, trying not to smile. “You were staring.”
“I was observing how special you looked with your tongue sticking out.” I imitated him, exaggerating his facial exprssion.
He giggled, throwing a pillow at me. “YAH! I do not look like that!”
“Whatever you say Tae Tae.” I shot back, still laughing.
He sighed, his smile turning slightly sad. “I missed you.”
“I didn’t go anywhere.”
“You know what I mean. We never go a day without talking.” I looked away from him. We both knew it was because of his ex fucking everything up, but he didn’t want to bring her up...
So I changed the subject. I didn’t want her ruining the mood when she wan’t even here. I stood up suddenly, the pillow on my lap falling to the floor.
“Yah y/n!”, I imitated Tae’s deep voice. “I lost the key! Kiss me!” His face was a picture. He turned red, and I started laughing at how uncomfortable he looked.
“I panicked! I don’t know what to do, OK?”, he muttered. I carried on making kissy faces at his until he got up to grab me. I screeched and moved out of his way, almost tripping on the pillow.
“Tae, I’m sorry!”, I was gasping for breath, laughing hysterically. Teasing him was so much funny. “Get back here”, he warned. We had switched places- he was standing where I was a moment ago, and I was stood on his bed.
“Or what?” I challenged, which was unwise.
I kept it up for five mins until he caught me, tickling me relentlessly.
“NO!”, I screamed. “STOP fuck’s sake, I’m sorry!” He stopped when I was literally begging for mercy. I weakly tried to kick him, but he easily caught my foot.
“I hate you oh my god”, I was panting, tears still streaming down my face. I was ridiculously ticklish, and he had used that to his advantage.
“You asked for it”, he replied, smiling at what a mess I was. “I’ll get you back”, I warned him.
Jungkook’s POV
He ran to y/n’s place, not stopping once. He felt like complete shit. How could he have fucked up this bad?
Everyday for a month he cussed Yoongi out for doing what he did, and Jungkook was now no better. Being wasted wasn’t an excuse. He wanted to kill Suzy for taking advantage of him- for her own safety she had better stay the fuck away.
He got to y/n’s place quickly. At first he knocked. Then he started punching the door and yelling. Then finally, he resorted to using the key.
To his despair the apartment was empty. She wasn’t here, Taehyung had lied. But Jungkook had been in his room, and she wasn’t there either.
So where the hell is she?
He tried calling her. The first three calls, she didn’t answer. The fourth, she declined. He decided to run back home. Her stuff was still there, so she would have to show up eventually.
Y/n’s POV
“Yah, I’m bored”, Taehyung whined. I rolled my eyes I was bcak to lounging on his chair, and he was lying on his stomach, elbows propping him up and chin resting on his hands.
“No one’s forcing you to sit here”, I replied. “Go down if you want, I’m fine by myself.”
I picked up the pillow left on the floor and hugged it. It had Taehyung’s scent on it. “No, he’ll be back any minute now. And I’m not leaving you alone”, he said, suddenly stern.
“Oh please. Why does everyone think I’m this weak little girl that needs protecting 24/7? Yoongi fucked me over, I’m over it. Jungkook fucked me over, I’m over it!”
I was lying, but I didn’t like the idea of anyone seeing me as weak. “You’re not weak”, he replied after a pause. “I just don’t want to see you get hurt anymore. Yoongi gets pretty violent when he’s mad right? Well, believe it or not, so does Jungkook.”
I couldn’t imagine Jungkook being violent. He was always so calm and gentle. My mind flashed back to the first time he kissed me, when I had refused to eat. I shook the thought form my head.
“I thought he was the calmest out of all of us.”
Tae shook his head. “Nah, that’s probably Jin. Or Namjoon.”
Taehyung’s phone buzzed, and he answered. “Annyeong. What? No she’s still up here. Tell Jin she’ll eat later. No...Jungkook’s already back?..Oh right. Thanks.”
I scooted his chair closer to his bed. “Explain”, I prompted him.
“That was Jiminnie. He went to the kitchen to call me. Jungkook’s back, he’s sat downstairs. He isn’t talking to anyone just sat there. Oh, and Jin was wondering if you were hungry but I told Jimin you weren’t.”
“He’s not gonna give up”, I whispered, closing my eyes tightly. My head hurt from all this crap.
“Who Jin?”
“Shut it Tae”, I bit back a smile. He was such a dope.
“I ruin everything”, I sighed. “I wasn’t good enough for Yoongi, I ruined a perfectly good friendship with Jungkook, everytime you let yourself be happy with Krystal, I’m there to ruin the moo-”
“No”, he cut me off. “Why do you say such things? None of this was your fault. Yoongi cheated. Jungkook got drunk. And I was far from happy with Krystal.”
I looked at him, a pained expression on my face. He sat up and ruffled my still damp hair. “Please don’t do this to yourself”, he murmured. “Blaming yourself for others mistakes.”
Suzy’s POV
Suzy was bored. All she could think about was how aggressive Jungkook was with her last night- she loved it. She hated the fact that y/n had grown close to the group- what did y/n have that she hadn’t.
So it gave her the utmost satisfaction when Yoongi had made a move on her. He was drunk the first time sure, but it became a regular thing. And everytime Suzy saw y/n, she would smirk, because she was doing y/n’s job in making him feel good.
She scoffed at the fact that when y/n went over to the boys place she did actual study sessions. That was pathetic.
And then last night with Jungkook. He was angry, he was hurting. Suzy could tell. It also meant he was vulnerable. It didn’t take a lot to coax him into coming home with her.
But Suzy was pissed off. When he came undone, he hadn’t moaned Suzy’s name- he had moaned y/n’s. She couldn’t stand for that- that bitch was always getting picked over her.
And she was bad at Yoongi. They had had an argument earlier that day, and he had shouted at her “You’re not y/n, stop trying to take her place!”
So she had sent the selfie to y/n and Yoonfi as a form of payback. Aand if Jungkook had anything special with y/n, that was sure to go up in flames.
But as she sat there, bored out of her mind, wanting Jungkook here once more, she just knew he would be chasing after y/n, trying to explain himself. This angered her- he didn’t owe that bitch anything.
She needed to intervene, but she didn’t want to go to the boys place. Yoongi wouldn’t exactly be happy to see her.
After an hour of contemplating, she decided to go. Both men were crazy for her, not y/n.
Y/n can go to hell.
Jin’s POV
Jin was the one who moved when there was a knock on the door. “Is Namjoon back already?” he asked Hoseok, who just shrugged. Namjoon wasn’t due home for another couple of hours, so Jin was bemused.
He opened the door, and all the confusion dissipated, to be replaced by a steely look. Suzy. “Go away”, he ordered harshly.
“I just wanna speak to Jungkook”, she replied coolly, fluttering her eyelashes at him. “He’s not in”, Jin replied, not fazed by the girls antics.
He was fully aware that Jungkook could hear everything, but he hoped for the sake of everyone’s sanity, Jungkook would stay quiet.
Suzy pouted. “You’re lying.”
Jin stared at her like she was stupid. “Please. Go .Away”, he said one final time before shutting the door.
Well, slamming the door.
“The fuck did she want?”, Jimin grumbled.
“To see Jungkook”, Jin replied simply. Jungkook was sat there, staring at the coffee table, his fists and jaw clenched.
“Should’ve let that bitch in, I’ve been needing a new punch-bag”, Jimin replied, making Hoseok chuckle. “Violence is not the answer”, Jimin said sternly, and Jimin rolled his eyes at the response.
But in this case, even I’d make an exception.
Y/n’s POV
“Tae, I’m wasting too much time now. And I have an exam tomorrow.”, I whined.
“Well, what do you want me to do, throw you out the window?”, he huffed. Jungkook had the same exam, so maybe he had given up and started revision, although, I highly doubted it.
He’d be too busy staring at Suzy to focus in the exam anyway.
I punched his shoulder. “No, you pabo. Just come with me to the door.”
“Jungkook’s downstairs.” He said, like I didn’t already know. “What’s the worst he can do? All he’ll wanna do is talk, right?”
“He’ll shout”, Taehyung said. Poor boy looked as if he was about to cry. “I’m a big girl now, I can handle shouting. Yoongi shouted at me like every other day.” I tried to console him.
Yoongi. I hope he’s alright.
“C’mon”, I said, pulling at his arm. “Let’s go.” I was determined. I wasn’t the scared y/n they all thought I was.
Well, that’s what I kept telling myself.
I grabbed my bag and made my way to his door. We really couldn’t stay here, bored out of our minds all day.
He jumped up and halted me, his gruff voice whispering, “I’ll go first.”
I bit back a laugh as he theatrically peeked his head out, looked left and right, before motioning for me to follow him.
“Pabo”, I whispered.
“Want me to tickle you again?” He threatened, as I hit his back. He stopped suddenly at the top of the stairs, and I collided with him face first. “What the fuck?” I glared at him.
He was craning his neck to try and hear the quiet conversation downstairs. I narrowed my eyes at him, but nonetheless mirrored his actions.
My eyes widened as I heard Jimin say “Should’ve let that bitch in, I’ve been needing a new punch-bag”. I heard Hoseok laugh in response.
He was talking about one of two people- Suzy or Krystal. Taehyung gave my arm a reassuring squeeze before starting the descent. I followed, my mouth suddenly dry at the thought of seeing Jungkook.
I had basically told him I liked him, so this was going to be...well, awkward to say the least. Jungkook was sat facing away from us, while the rest of the boys took up the others sofas.
I looked at them all and frowned. All this time, Yoongi hadn’t moved from the kitchen?
Jungkook only turned around because the boys were all staring at something behind him. I uneasily played with the bag strap, but cleared my throat. “Have an exam tomorrow. Gonna go revise...Fighting!” I fist pumped.
As Jungkook stood up, I walked out from behind Tae to rush out of the room, get my shoes on and run.
“Stop.” Taehyung ordered sternly. He was talking to Jungkook, to my surprise.
“Move out of the way”, Jungkook growled. I was shocked at how angry he sounded at Taehyung.
Shit. He might hurt Tae. I stopped trying to put my shoes on, and slowly slipped them back off, placing my bag on the floor at the same time.
I slowly crept to the door, and stood next to it, so I was out of sight.
“Jungkook, sit down”, Hoseok ordered.
“No. I need to talk to y/n”, Jungkook retorted. He sounded so angry and I was getting scared for Tae. I was wishing I hadn’t made that retort about him not helping me.
“Well she doesn’t want to speak to you.” Taehyung actually sounded disgusted. I heard Jin speak. “Has she gone? I didn’t hear the door...”
“Y/n?”, Jimin called. I didn’t answer. Maybe if Jungkook thought I wasn’t there, he would sit down and leave Tae alone.
But no such luck.
I listened in horror as I heard the horrid sound of skin impacting on skin. Taehyung grunted in pain. “Wish she was here”, he spat. “She could see what you’re really like.”
I was starting to think I knew what Jungkook was really like. That day, he was the one to hit Yoongi first. And now he had hurt Taehyung. My best friend.
Fuck it.
I came out from where I was stood, charged through the door and furiously pushed Jungkook off Tae. Jungkook had him grabbed by the collar.
I stood between the two of them, glaring at the Jungkook. None of the boys had noticed that Yoongi was now stood in the doorway between the living room and kitchen, as they all had their backs to him. I saw him tense as I entered the room.
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”, I seethed. I could handle any shit thrown my way, but nobody had the right to hurt my friend.
Jungkook was breathing heavily, staring at me in shock. “I needed to talk to you.” He said simply.
I just stared at him. He wasn’t the least bit remorseful about Taehyung. I glanced back at Taehyung. He was staring darkly at Jungkook. I noticed his bust lip, and angrily turned back to Jungkook.
Yoongi was looking genuinely worried, his brows furrowed and lips parted, ready to say something. But he still remained quiet. Does he think Jungkook would hit me?
The rest of the boys had stood up now warily eyeing me and Jungkook. The deafening silence was almost unbearable, until Jungkook spoke up.
“It was a stupid mistake.”
I knew instantly what he was referring to, and scoffed. “I don’t give a shit. You don’t owe me an explanation. What are we? Nothing!”
He was hurt by that- it was evident in his face for a split second before the anger returned.
I could see he was restraining himself not to touch me, because if he did, one of the boys would physically step in.
“You’re right y/n. We are nothing. You are nothing. No wonder Yoongi fucked that whore. She was miles better than you ever will be.”
Before I could even register what I was doing, I had slapped him as hard as I could. Who the fuck did he think he was? Two faced, manipulating bastard.
“I hope that ‘whore’ leaves Yoongi alone and starts chasing after you, because you two deserve each other!” I yelled. Jungkook was holding a hand up to his cheek.
He seemed more shocked than angry that I had even dared to lay a hand on him. I knew for a fact he would regret saying that shit to me later on, but no way in hell would I forgive him.
“Everyone fucks you up, don’t they?”, he sneered.
“Jungkook...”, Jimin warned, but he carried on anyway.
“Your boyfriend cheated. Your beast friend doesn’t give a shit. And now the guy you like fucks the same girl as your ex!”
“Shut the fuck up”, Taehyung growled from behind me.
“You think I like you? Think again!” I spat. And with that I turned around and left the room. I wouldn’t cry in front of him. I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction.
Taehyung followed me out, and to my relief, he put his shoes on at the same time I put mine on. I needed him right now. I watched him silently as he grabbed my bag and opened the door.
I heard Yoongi shout “What the fuck is your problem?”, as Taehyung shut the door. I sighed- they were going to have yet another argument.
As soon as we were out of there, Taehyung pulled me into a hug. “I’m so sorry”, he muttered as I started sobbing. I couldn’t hold it in any longer.
“Why? He was right?”, I sniffed. “No he fucking wasn’t. He was being a dick because he was angry at himself. And when you didn’t want to talk to him, something snapped. He didn’t mean any of it.”
“Tae we all know that when you’re angry, you say what you really think”, I replied. He pulled me away to look at me. “No y/n, he was just trying to hurt you. Trust me, I know. And it was all wrong.”
I gave a shuddery breath to try and compose myself. We could hear the two boys screaming their heads off inside, and everyone else yelling at them to calm down. I felt like shit- that argument in there was all my fault.
It was almost as if Taehyung knew what I was thinking. “Let’s go”, he said, draping his arm around my shoulder.
“Feel sorry for Namjoon” he said. I nodded in agreement. Namjoon had two lectures and an exam scheduled for today and the last thing he needed was all this crap when he got home.
“Oh shit no”, I cursed, as I tensed under Taehyung’s touch. Because down the street were none other than the toxic twins. Krystal and Suzy. And they were heading our way.
But Taehyung just whispered, “It’s OK, ignore them”, as he pushed me forward, willing me to pick up the pace, which I gladly did.
But of course they stopped us.
Krystal gasped theatrically. “Babe, what happened to you?” she asked, reaching out to touch his lip, but he jerked his head away.
“Hey y/n!”, Suzy called in her sickeningly fake happy voice. I ignored Krystal’s look of disgust as I kept my eyes trained on Suzy.
“I was looking around for Jungkook, have you seen him?” I opened my mouth to reply, but Tae spoke up. “Why, need an excuse to spread your legs?”
Suzy just stared at him, open mouthed, while despite my tears, I tried to hide my smile. “What did you say to me?” She questioned rhetorically. She was suddenly annoyed, her fake act completely gone, but I noticed her go red in the face.
“You heard. But as much as I hate you, I would warn you to stay away, cus you see him you might get hurt. And if he doesn’t do anything, Yoongi sure as hell will.”
Suzy laughed at that. “Jungkookie and Yoongi like me, they won’t hurt me”, she said with an air of confidence.
Taehyung just smiled and shrugged. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you. C’mon y/n, let’s go.”
“Tae tae”, Krystal spoke as we pushed passed them. I closed my eyes at the sound of her whining voice. I didn’t know who was more annoying out of the two girls anymore.
“Are we going to meet up tonight?”, I turned to look at her, but my movement was limited as Taehyung’s arm was still resting on my shoulders. I could still see her fluttering her eyelashes at Taehyung. I wanted to laugh at how ridiculous she looked.
“I’m busy”, he replied, brushing her off, as he turned around to walk away. The look on Krystal’s face was priceless. Ohh those two would be having a bitch-fest about me later- I was willing to bet money on it.
I waited until they were out of earshot before I started giggling, unable to contain the laughter. “Taehyung!”, I gasped. “That was fucking brilliant!”
He laughed with me. It was so weird to see him answer back like that. Not to mention how he ignored Krystal- I was pretty sure he had never done that before either.
“Oh my god”, I continued, still laughing. I put on a deep voice to imitate him. “‘Need an excuse to spread your legs’ omo I wish I’d recorded her reaction!”
He looked at me, a satisfied smile on his face. “I’m glad it made you feel a bit better.” I smiled up at him. He had risked a relationship, albeit with a bitch, just to make me feel better?
“Aish you shouldn’t have told her you’re busy”, I said, referring to Krystal. “She’ll be after you now.” We were almost at my place at this point, but I didn’t want the walk to end.
“Let her. I’m not interested.” I stared at him, mouth hanging open. He reached over and pushed my chin upwards, closing my mouth. As soon as he let go, I opened it again, making him laugh.
“Tae, you’ve never not been interested in her”, I chastised. Because it didn’t ever matter what was happening to me, Tae always had eyes for Krystal whenever she turned up.
He didn’t say anything as we entered the building. I out my hand out fo him to give me my bag, so I could take out the keys. “Coming in?” I asked, hoping he’d say yes.
I didn’t want him going home to an angry Jungkook.
“Hell yes”, he breathed. I laughed and ruffled his hair. “Good. I need to sort that lip out.” The blood had dried now, but it was still swollen. I had an ice pack in the freezer which would sort that out.
We got in and I carelessly tossed the bag to the side. My phone could stay in there, I didn’t want to check my texts or calls.
“Wow the place looks a lot bigger without any of Suzy’s crap here, he noted, flopping down onto the sofa. I nodded in agreement, handing him the ice pack.
“I’m so glad she left. No more of her fuck buddies roaming the apartment when I wake up, no more dirty dishes. It’s great.”
“Why did you put up with it for so long?”, he asked. His voice sounded muffled because of the ice pack.
I shrugged. “She paid rent. And she was out most of the time, so couldn’t really complain.”
Little did I know she was out with Yoongi.
I had to keep talking about random, irrelevant shit because Jungkook’s spiteful words were still echoing at the back of my mind. I still couldn’t believe I had slapped him -pretty hard too.
“Tae do me a favour and make sure you get that damn spare key off him. I don’t want him turning up randomly to my door. I don’t want to see his face at all.” I grimaced at the thought of Jungkook turning up uninvited.
He removed the ice pack and I examined his lip. The swelling had gone down slightly. I motioned for him to put it back on, until it went down completely.
“But you’ll see him tomorrow in the exam.” He replied, wincing at the cold sensation.
“I’ll sit as far away as possible. And afterwards I’m sure Suzy will want to talk to him, so I can run off.”
“Why don’t you get Jin to pick you up? He’s free tomorrow.”
“Because I don’t want Jin to have to ignore Jungkook just because I am. Plus it’ll be awkward if Jin drove off without him- they live in the same place.”
“Y/n-ah I don’t he’s in anyone’s good books after what he said to you. Jin will be the first to forgive him, but even he won’t be talking to Jungkook anytime soon. You know half of us still aren’t on speaking terms with Yoongi after what happened between you two”, Taehyung said sternly.
I looked at him. “You are though.” He had to be if him and Yoongi had gone to the amusement park together.
He hesitated. “Well...yeah. He needed someone y/n. He’s being cold around everyone but he misses you. He wants you back.”
“He told you that?” I asked, and he nodded in reply. I sighed.
“I can’t trust him. I can’t trust anyone anymore”, I whispered, more to myself than Taehyung.
“Yah don’t say that. You still have me and the hyungs.” I gave him a reassuring smile, even though I was dubious. The one I thought loved me had let me down, so wasn’t in natural for me to think they all eventually would get sick of me.
"You guys must surely be sick of me. I’m the main reason there’s so many arguments between Yoongi and Jungkook.”
He shook his head. He never tired of trying to make me feel better. “No. That’s them being idiots.” He reached over and squeezed my knee reassuringly. “Stop blaming yourself”, he said softly. He got up abruptly, handing me the ice pack.
“You need to revise, exam tomorrow!”
I sighed. I couldn’t be bothered, especially after all this drama. “Tae!”, I whined. “I don’t wanna.” I pouted at him and he smiled.
“Now who’s the big baby? And I’m gonna go out and get us some food, and then I’ll help you with the content.” I beamed at him. “You are the best.”
He grinned back. “I know.”
He gave me a salute and left. I smiled sadly to myself. I didn’t deserve such a good person in my life. I know, I know, he had another fling with Krystal, but who was I to judge. We all made mistakes. Looking at the situation I was in now, I completely understood that.
Ten minutes later, I heard a hesitant knock on the door.
I frowned. “Tae you left the door unlocked, just come in!” I called. No response. I sighed and got up. Maybe his hands where full.
But then he wouldn’t have been able to knock.
I opened the door, still expecting it to be Taehyung, but I gasped in shock at the person stood before me.
His hair was a mess, he had a new bruise on his cheek and his eyes were bloodshot.
“W-what are you doing here? What happened?”
The sadness in his eyes made me want to well up myself. “Can I come in?” he asked, his voice hoarse.
No. Don’t let him in y/n.
Even as I was thinking that, I foolishly moved to the side to let him in. As he came in he held out something to me, and I took it. My spare key.
I didn’t even want to know how on earth he had managed to get that off Jungkook.
I shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other- Taehyung would be back soon, I had other things to do, other worries. As far as I was concerned, me and Yoongi were done.
As he sat on the sofa, leaning forward, staring at me all I could tell myself was to not make the same mistake for falling for him once more.
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I ship y/n with a teddy bear a teddy bear never hurts anyone ewe
Fall for him!!! Go he needs a second chance!!! And suzy you better stay the hell away from him
damn ......... jungkook done fucked up now 😂😂
How come after every part I end up saying "well shit." 😂
I'M GOING TO MURDER JUNKOOK! Yay for tae coming back around! What is yooongi doing?! Damn all these feels 😢😡😮😀!
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