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Chapter 20~ Fire


~16 years later~ "Mom tell Micheal to give me back my phone!!" "Mom tell Micheal to give me back my phone!!" "Stop copying me!!" "Stop copying me!!" "Shut up both of you or I will turn this car around and we will go home! Maylee you are twenty-three act like it and Micheal stop mimicking your sister and act like your twenty! Now be quite!" our Dad yelled from the drivers seat. It wasnt like I was paying attention to them because I had my headphones in and drumming my drum sticks against the seats of the car but I can hear the yelling over my music. I took one of my headphone bud of my ear. "Are we almost there yet?" I asked. "Yes Yeollie we are almost there." My Mom respond back to me. I nod and put my headphone bud back on my ear. I looked out the window and saw the trees passing by. We were going to the family campsite for some family time. My parents told me that someone left me at their tent when they came back from hiking. The car pulls into a woody path where our campground is. It only took a few minutes to get there and park. We unloaded the car and started putting tents up, which didn't take long. "Yeollie, sweetie can you go find us some firewood to burn?" My Mom asked as I nod and made my way out in the woods. I was drumming against the trunks of the trees as I was trying to find stumps of fallen branches. Once I found a good piece, I put my drumsticks in my pocket and placed my headphones around my neck and picked up the piece of wood. As I was making my way to the campsite I heard a twig snap. I looked over my shoulder and saw nothing. So I shrugged and thought it was probably a deer. I entered our campsite and stopped when I saw my family on the ground dead. I dropped the firewood and ran to each one of them to see if one of them was alive but not one of them made a noise. I slumpped down to the ground and weep. I heared footsteps stop infront of me. I looked up and saw a man in a black cloak. "You poor child. Your birthmom gave you up and your adopted family was killed by us. What a sad way to live your life, Prince Chanyeol of Exo." "Exo?" I said confused. "tsk tsk, looks like your adopted parents hid one thing from you. But let me do the honors of telling you because after this you will die. You and I come from another galaxy. You come from Planet Exo and I come from Planet Xerus. My planet took over your planet a long time ago while your birthmom, the Queen took you and your twelve siblings to live here on Earth. Eleven brothers and one sister, and all of you contains a power. But poor birthmom is now in a sleeping coma for a very long time until her son's and daughter will take back their planet. And I am here to make sure that won't happen. Now anymore questions?" He asked as I shook my head. He smirked and pulled out a knife. " Any last wishes, Prince Chanyeol?" "Yeah, eat dirt" I said as I threw dirt in his face. He yelled and held onto his eyes as I ran towards the car. Before I could reach the car he had me on the ground. I curled myelf up to protect mysekf from the kicks he was giving me. He pulled me up and punched me. "Fight back!!" He yelled, punching me again. I stumbled back and felt my blood boil. The wind started to blow and I heard a soft whisper say "Fire". I stood up and leveled my feet to the ground. I curled my hand and felt heat coming from my hand. I looked downand saw a fireball in y hand. I looked at the guy and threw it at him. He dodge a few fireballs that I threw at him until I had the whole wood on fire. I could feel the heat radiate off of my skin. "You think you can beat me with your stupid little power?" he said walking fast up to me and kicked me in the chest. I flew back to the ground and coughed. I stood back up and closed my eyes. Once I opened them the flames were higher and wild. I threw one last fireball and it caught on him. He didnt seem to mind that he was of fire so I shrugged and threw three more until he was yelling in pain from the fire that was all over him. I didnt waste my time as I ran to the car and drove through the fire to the main road. I spent two hours on the road as I finally pulled up to our house. I ran inside and up to my parents room. I searched everywhere until I found a letter adress to me. I opened it and started to read it. Dear Chanyeol, I have many thing to tell you as your mother and Queen. You and I are from a planet called Exo. Our planet is being taken over by Planet Xerus. I need you to find your brother Xiumin who is in Berlin, Luhan in Beijing, Kris in Canada, Suho in Marseille,Lay in Yunnan, Beakhyun your oldest twin in Lyon and your older twin Chen in Almaty. Keep wearing the necklace that was given to you from birth. It will keep you safe. Please find your brothers and save our planet. Love your Mom, the Queen. I had tears rolling down my cheeks as I finshed reading the letter. I grabbed a hold of the necklace that was around my neck. I got up from the bed and went to my room where i packed another bag of my clothes. I grabbed my passport that I had from last year. I went down to the cookie jar and pulled out the money my parents were saving for a rainy day. It was now late at night as I pulled out of the driveway and went to the airport. I bought me a ticket to Lyon because I had a bad feeling that something went wrong in Lyon. I sat down on the chair and waited for the flight to get ready. Once they started boarding passengers I found my seat and went to sleep as I waited for my long trip to start.
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