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From Brian Ashcraft with Kotaku.com: "In the Kingdom Hearts games, Keyblades are the mysterious weapons wielded by the games' main characters. I've always thought they're pretty cool looking! Guess I'm not alone. Loads of KH players seem to think so! And the games' biggest fans show their appreciation for Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts and its interesting weapons the best way they know how: cosplay. Here's a roundup of some, but certainly not all, of the best Kingdom Hearts cosplay the internet has to offer. Note that this cosplay is from several different KH games and that not all the cosplayers are carrying Keyblades, nor are all the weapons Keyblades per se. That's... okay!"
@BlackMage Right! It's been a long, long time since I've played. I still have Kingdom Hearts 2, but no PS to play it on. LOL! Actually, wait...I have Shadow of the Colossus as well. I'm trying to remember why I have games, but no console.
I miss playing Kingdom Hearts sooo much T.T