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let's talk about jin for a few minutes real quick. First off people need to appreciate our eomma. you realize he's done so so much for the great group. I mean he's done so much he's even the eomma of the group . and yet they cancelled eat jin because no one watched it unless jungkook was there in it. but when eat jin was on I would watch everything. I loved seeing jin eating. and he would be cute doing it too.
jin loves his new hair color of course but some army don't. I'm not saying your wrong for not liking it but let him have something without people going all up on him and saying Ew I hate it. cmon he needs something! and now I'm going to vent about it. some people say its gross and it doesn't fit him! but you know what they always say that to him!!! eat jin cancelled because it "wasn't cool"!! are you kidding me!! people switching from jin to jungkook or to jimin!! you are absolutely not a real army if you will do that you understand me!! I fell for V first because he's funny and way too much like me but if he had a different hair color and I didn't like it I will never change for someone else!! it's the same with anyone!!
jin needs love guys..... he doesn't feel it as much as the others..... he doesn't feel it badly.... and yet he smiles... he tries making you you jin... and I know everyone here does which makes me so much everyone here that is a army...
I don't like the blonde hair for the fact that at least the NEW jin stans are simply jin stans cuz he made his hair blonde. I know at least half the fandom isn't shallow but that's only half. And idk, I'm just being salty about fans who only noticed jin cuz he changed his hair color. I've been a jin stan since the beginning, so yeah, I'm hella salty.
Jin is pure perfection just like every bts member he doesn't deserve less love like really and that hair color change I dropped my phone and I couldn't breath when I saw it I was like jin JIN EOMMA WHAT WHAT IS THIS!? tbh I love the blond hair it suits him well he looks handsome like always it's just a pure surprise tbh like it was like BOOM here I am bishes I was like Oh shit *faints* but I love jin I love every member of bts and idek y many armies are the way they are towards jin and also joonie and hobi like why? why can't they just love them and not be rude and bring them down? is it that hard u don't deserve to be called an army if ur gonna say such rude things to jin or any other bts member he deserves love a lot of love! and tbh im going to cry bc I was so excited for eat jin to come back but because of other armies they ruined it and it ended before it could even begin I loved seeing jin eat he's freaking adorable like he shouldn't get double the views if one of the younger members join he should get double the views when it's him only him like *flips a table * ugh
I think he looks great! I love Jin no matter what his hair looks like simply because he is Jin. He isn't my bias but that doesn't mean I don't love and support him.
Preach! I've been wanting to go off on people for either saying 1. the blonde looks horrible on him blah blah blah like just because you don't like it doesn't mean you can bash on him for it. 2. They're switching biases cause they think Jin looks hot with the blonde. You shouldn't be switching biases because you think this one is hotter than your old one. You should have your bias because you like their personality and the way they carry themselves And I thought I had more but my mind is all jumbled right now haha Jin is my UB so maybe that's why I've gotten so upset about this but still. He's a real person that has real feelings and people really need to understand that.
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