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Its not easy to live a life as a wino.
Okay thats a lie, you just have to love wine and take it on as a total lifestyle. And that really isn't that hard because wine is AMAZING!
So as I was sitting back, enjoying a glass (read: bottle), I realized there are 7 things only winos can understand.
1. Always have a cross screw. However, not having one isn't a deal breaker.
2. Wine is necessary after a break up...
3. and..... in celebration, and when you're hungry, and when you haven't seen your friends all week and can finally hang out.
4. Wine is perfect for a diet. Because 1 glass a day keeps the doctor away right?
5. Wine drunks are AMAZING .... until a little after 1:00am.
6. Wine and cheese. NEED I SAY MORE?!
7. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is worse then a wine hangover. In fact, the only way to get through one is to sit back, relax, and open another bottle.