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Once again Bighit is out for me and the rest of the armies. WTF ARE THEY THINKING????? ANOTHER BATCH OF PHOTOS?!?!?! I honestly think I'm gonna have a heart attack from these glorious pictures and die DX
The first picture is honestly my favorite! Jungkook looks so adorable and cute wrapped up in his blanket XD And then Hobi is just there looking at him Probably mentally judging him but at the same time he looks soooo handsome!!!!!
Jungkook and this curly hair is what's getting me rn. It's killing me with its cuteness
WHY THE HELL ARE THEY DOING THIS TO ME???? Can't they just chillax for a bit and let me not die every FREAKIN TIME they do something?????
Okay okay. I guess I got some more life in me. U know what Dying bc of BTS or BigHit in general sounds like the perfect death to me XD