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For those who haven't seen this anime yet, you should. I find a lot of events hilarious. \(>O <)/ Our protagonist Oga Tatsumi, was at the river stream w/e you call it and anyway after he beaten some people menacingly to death, a man floated down the river and Oga saved him and karate chop him in half and a baby was inside. I know it sounds crazy but that child turns out to be the demon king's son. Then Oga had to take the baby home because the man jumped back into the river and left. The. Hildiga a demon servant appeared and came to take care of the baby. Later turned into a misunderstanding towards his family thinking he got her pregnant with his child, therefore letting them stay in his house. Why couldn't he get rid of the child? There was a contract set. If he left the baby more than I forgot I think a couple milimeters he gets electricuted. The baby cries he gets eletrucuted. Ps, the baby hated wearing clothes haha he always just strips them off cuz he hates it. Many more hilarious things happened. If you like it so far check it out!
Oh I love this one! it's funny, cute and full of action, but I gotta say I like the manga better than anime though
Beelzbub is the only anime so far a have ever seen that is lit💯🤘it is on fire
I love the anime a lot!!