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Soooooo let's do this... Here's my new Life
Yo... we was supposed to be homies ...No hard feelings?
Okay....I'm good with that, Love you babe.
HOLD UP!!!!.....When did this happen? Suga Sweetie, I swear it I was maybe not drunk.
Bye Suga... We had some good times (leaves with Jungkook)
DANG it we gonna run away ..... What to do.... what to..
No you can be My bbf.... We can work it out
HOLD UP!!! .....pump your breaks. Kill I love you,UUUU. Jungkookie you can just take me away, I won't complain
Can I Have a break?
Jungkookie Why did you kidnap me and rap Mon..... I'm going back Suga I know love me but, DANG. *whisper* I forgive you
Okay cool, thanks. But still don't see you like that ,love yah as a friend
YESSSSSS I invite Everyone who reads this to the wedding