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I heard beeping when I started coming too. I slowly opened my eyes to a white room. I was in the hospital. No one was in the room. I felt relief along with the pain I felt all over my body. How did I get here though? I had to try to remember and when I thought I had it the door opened up and in walked Suga. Yes, he was on the phone with me when it happened. "Hey your awake!" "Yea how long was I out?" "A few days." "Really?" "Yea and um...there is something I should tell you." "What's that?" "Jin knows your here." "I told you not to tell him!" "Well after you had been out for a full day with no contact to him he was worries. He couldn't get a hold of you and called me in a panic. I told him where you were and he came quickly. He doesn't want to lose you" I started tearing up. I didn't want him seeing me like this. Just then the door opened and in walked Jin. We made eye contact and when we did I started crying. He ran to me and hugged me very carefully. "I'll let you guys be alone" Suga said and left the room. I Cried and cried. He was just there waiting. Finally I started to talk. "I'm sorry.... " "Don't be." "I should have listened to everyone." "You were in denial its ok." "I'm so scared.... He said I'd have to die to be away from him." "Well you will never see him again....I'll protect you." "Jin" "Shh you need to rest I'm going to take care of a few this then ill be back. Suga will be here along with a few of the guys. They will make sure he doesn't get in." "Jin?" I touched his arm before he could head off. "Yea princess?" He looked at me. "I'm sorry you saw me this way." "Don't be. I don't care what you look like I just want you to be safe.. I'm glad suga got you out of there....I really wish you would have called me though." "I didnt want you to see that....I think seeing someone passed out on the floor with a destroyed house around them would be hard to handle....I thought about Suga because....he was the only other person who knew what was going on." "(Y/n) I'll love you no matter what! I don't ever want to think I could lose you because of that jerk." "Jin I'm really sorry....I don't know why....I stayed with him....when have been right there all along." He looked at me. And with those eyes I knew there was so much he wanted to say but he didnt. I smiled at him and touched his hand. "It's ok princess...but we are going to finish this conversation when I get back. I haven't done much the last couple days since you have been here. And now that you are awake I can do what needs to be done." With that Jin got up and called the guys in. "So I'm leaving Suga, Namjoon and J-hope to protect you while I'm gone." "Ok" I said laying down again. "I'll see you in a bit princess." He kissed my forehead and walked out. "I'm gonna try to sleep now." "Ok sounds good." Suga said and they all just picked seats to wait till Jin came back. When I woke up Jin still hadn't gotten back. When I looked at the clock it had been 3 hrs. Where did he go. Everyone was still in there seats but they had fallen asleep. That's when the door opened. It wasn't Jin. It was him. I was terrified. He looked at me and started coming at me. I screamed. This woke the guys up and they all looked at me like I was crazy. When I turned back there was just the nurse. I took a deep breath and relaxed myself. I apologized to the nurse and she went on her way. "What was that?" Suga asked "I thought it was him. I guess my mind was playing tricks on me." "Ok but just in case one of us will stay up. Will that make you feel better?" "Yea...thanks." With that I laid down in bed just trying to get tired again. It didn't come. Finally what felt like forever the door opened and Jin came in. I saw he had blood on his face. I got off the bed and walked over to him even though I was in pain. "What happened." I said grabbing his face. He had several marks and blood over him. I pulled him to my bed and had him sit down. I quickly grabbed a towel and dampened it. I ran back to him and was about to wipe at his face when he grabbed my hand and forced me to sit down. I flinched. He realized what he just did and apologized. Then he turned to the guys. "Hey you guys can go home now. Thanks for staying with her." They then said there goodbyes and left real fast. Once the door shut he turned to me. "Jin..." "I know I'll tell you." "Can I clean you up?" "Sure." As I started wiping blood away I realized most of it wasn't his. "Jin who's blood is this." "Brad's" "What?!?" "I hunted him down and beat the shit out of him. No way in hell was I letting that scum off free." I smiled. I loved this man and it was clear we should have been together. I was so blind. Maybe it was that I wanted him in my life no matter what. Or maybe it was because I was unsure of his feelings. I took action. "Jin." I said one more time and he looked at me. At that moment I pressed my lips against his. It was a sweet kiss. When I pulled back he was shocked. "What was that for?" "For being amazing. Noone has ever hunted someone down who hurt me and beat them up. I truly love you." "Oh ok....I love you too. We are best friends after all." He smiled and poked my nose.
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@drummergirl691 @JinsPrincess86 this is not the end. I have more in store for this story....soooo 😎
Oh my god I loved it soo much!!!! Jin-oppa is amazing!!! Please let there be more to the story!!!! Don't let it end here!!!!
Damn it Jin. Don't go on with that friends crap!
can you tag me please?
@SarahVanDorn Yay I look forward to it!!!!
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