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Little Note: I hope u guys have been enjoying the story! Incase u have missed the past chapters >Chapter 1 => Chapter 4 (pt2)


After getting your dream job at SM Entertainment, you find yourself getting close to the EXO memebers. Though you guys are close it doesnt compare to you and Ivys friendship. D.O is the shyest out of all nine members. He rarely spoke to you but yet you feel as if you have had full on conversations. As if you hear a little voice. D.O seems to get more comfortable with you he first two weeks of your arrival. You grow closer and closer. Will this friendship last? Or will you get all lovey dovey ?

Chapter 5

After the long day of touch ups and photos, It was time to head home. It was a nice day! I got to meet the guys and i hung out with them and got to know them better! I found out more about Kai and what he likes to do when he is not practicing I also got to talk to Suho and this time it wasnt awkward like when i was doing his makeup. He really is nice and easy to talk to. Actually i found most of the members to be easy to talk to. But something was off Kyungsoo..... Was he avoiding me? While i was talking with the group i felt my back get tense. Tense as if someone was looking. Do you know that feeling? I turned around and saw Kyungsoo. He was standing far away next to the vending machine with money in hand. Just looking at me. We made eye contact and he quickly turned away looking back at the vending machine putting the money into the machine. He seemed to be flustered as he pushed the buttons into the vending machine with a pink flushed face. I kept looking because one i was confused on why he was looking and two it was cute when he got flustered i guess i was staring to long because i felt Baekhyun go behind me and say "Is that him?" I turned in a haste and realized how close are faces were. We were basically touching noses. My eyes were big and so were his. I backed up with my cheeks burning up like fire. I turned around about to leave the area when i looked back to the vending machine Kyungsoo was glaring behind me with fire in his eyes. Suddenly i felt arms around my waist and a chin on my head. "Sorry for what just happened..." he said "But i think someone is jelly....." I looked up towards the vending machine to see Kyungsoo practically crushing the bag of chips in his hand as he stared at Baekhyun who had the smirk on his face. I knew Baekhyun was teasing both me and Kyungsoo so i thought why not have fun. i turned to face Baekhyun which surprised him and i started to tickle him. "STOP, NO NO, ST-STOP PLZ!!!!!!!!! I CANT HANDLE BEING TICKLED! ST-STOP PLZ" I finally stopped and walked away from the breath less Baekhyun. I dusted off my hands as if finishing a hard job and walked away I tried to avoid eye contact with Kyungsoo. For some reason i felt sorta guilty. i dont know why though. I looked back at Baekhyun and he was holding his stomach laughing
I went back to talking with the guys. "What do you guys do in your spare time?" i asked. "I like to spend time with my kids (the dogs)" .said Kai. "I like to go get boba tea sometimes." said Sehun "Umm... I usually just stay home watch the kids" Suho said really thinking about it. "Going to hang out with my family." Chen said Xuimin followed by saying he has a hidden talent in roller blading and then Lay said he likes to make homemade brownies. Then it came to Chanyeol "I really like to walk in the park and eat ramyeon at the 7 eleven." Then Baekhyun "I really really REALLY like to just stay home BUUUUT when im out i like to go site seeing!" When it was time for Kyungsoo to say what he likes to do he looked at the floor. Once i had turned to him he looked up for a moment and looked back down in a flash as his cheeks turned pink. Then he mumbled his answer. "ummmm......i like to stay home....and umm....watch movies and uhh...i guess thats it..." "thats cool! I like movies too!" I said. I dont know why but i felt shy after my response.
After a while it got dark and the guys invited me to sit with them around the bon fire they started in one of the fire safe zones. I sat between Kyungsoo and Chanyeol. Baekhyun sat across from me which was really fun! When some of the members talked to each other but me and Baekhyun didnt need anything to say. We had staring contests and and eyebrow moving contests. It was really fun. The night had grown dark and the city had lit up. The vans were packed and ready to go back to their buildings to unload. "well guys i had alot of fun but i gotta go...." "But its to dark let someone walk you!" Baekhyun said

Narrator Prov.

All of the members have noticed that Kyungsoo likes Renesmay. So as Baekhyun started to say how Renesmay needs someone to walk her home the other members caught on and told her they had plans. Some had to walk dogs, others had to practice and the few that coudnt make excuses tagged along with those who did. "umm...I guess i can take you..... only if u want though..." Kyungsoo said looking at the floor. Renesmay gladly accepted and they were on their way.
They walked through the city taking the long way home. It was awkward for the first five minutes but to calm the tense atmosphere Renesmay started a conversation. "Sooo..... How is training going?" "umm... its going great. We are picking up on the dances quickly" "Thats great!" Feeling the the conversation was getting to its awkward end Renesmay tried to persue the conversation. They werent anywhere near her house. "Im really looking forward to getting to know you guys!" "hey uh Renesmay... this is super random but...Baekhyun told me u were single but earlier i saw when u dropped ur phone a picture of u... um... holding hands with this one guy..." he said looking down at the floor. "By chance did u lie?" Renesmay felt guilty for betraying Baekhyuns trust. They just met but it isnt a good way to start. "ya.... hes my fiance actually..." she said with a small smile. Kyungsoos heart dropped to the floor. The girl he liked was in love. Not with him but some other guy. He suddenly just started to fiddle his thumbs asking questions like how long they had been together when they were getting married and stuff like that. They had been together for 2 years, and they had been engaged for about a year and havent made any plans on the wedding. "Well you see his name is Patrick. Patrick Rennolds." she said looking down at her feet. "oh..." "He came to visit me and on instagram he landed two days ago. I havent seen him or heard from him though." Kyugnsoo could hear the worry in her voice. It killed him inside. It twisted his stomach and made his throat dry up. When as he was caught in his thoughts he felt him bump into someone making him, Renesmay, and the other couple fall. He bowed and was on his way but Renesmay stayed there. Staring at something. "Patrick?" Kyungsoo looked at the man. It was the guy from before. The one on her phone. He was holding hands with this woman. She wasnt one bit classy and he could tell. She had little to nothing to wear and had heels that were the ones you see the strippers wear in the movies. Patrick quickly dropped the womans hand. "Babe its not what it looks like! Uhh... Let me explain!! I promise it will make more sense if i just-" Renesmay cut him off. "How could you...." she said in a cold tone. "I thought you actually cared about me... huh, how stupid was i..." Tears started to stream down her pale face. She turned to the woman. "How long... how long have you been together?" The woman a bit tense had the nerve to say "Me and Baby have been together for a year! Since around last April." she said smiling. She wasnt a bright one. She probably didnt fully understand what was going on. Renesmay quickly thought back to last April. They had had a big fight that left a whole in the wall. a red eyed Renesmay, and Patrick storming out. He had said he was traveling to get his mind of stuff and came back a week later. "Baby even gave me this necklace today! isnt it just gorgeous!" She said showing off her neckalce. I know that Necklace Renesmay thought. She touched her neck where the exact same necklace was. Patrick had given it to her on their one year aniversary and said it was his grandmothers necklace. She had told him to give it to the one he loved. "His grandmother gave it to him to give to the one HE loves." the woman looked up at Patrick lovingly. Patrick looked straight at Renesmay eyes wide open and grip loosening on the womans hand. Renesmay had tears falling down her face at this point. Her eyes red and puffy but she stayed as strong as she could. She turned to leave when she felt Partick grab her arm. "Let go..." she whispered. Patrick didnt listen but just tightened his grip. Looking up from the ground she glared into Patricks eyes and said a little louder. "Let. Go." Patrick was obviously taken back from her cold tone. Renesmay didnt care. Her heart had been broken from the one she thought she could trust. And that trust had been broken. Kyungsoo was extremely infuriated. He ran up next to Renesmay and said "Let her go." "oh ya what are you going to do about it?" Patrick said with a smirk on his face. Kyungsoo looked up with a cold expression that matched Renesmays and said "Did you not hear me? Let her go." "oh ya like im scared of a little punk ass fu-" before Patrick could finish Kyungsoo had punched him square in the jaw. The impact made Patrick let Renesmay go. Patrick looked up wiping the blood from his now busted lip. He was in awe. Before anything else could happen Kyungsoo grabbed Renesmays hand and led her away. She was still crying as they walked to the river for her to cool down.
At the River Kyungsoo sat next to Renesmay on the stairs but still giving her space. She had just been through a lot. "thank you." "huh?" Kyungsoo said leaning in trying to get a better listen to what she was saying. "thank you." Kyungsoo slowly backed up with his cheeks flushed pink. "what for?" "for everything... for walking with me, for standing with me, for being there when i needed someone, for being here with me now...." "oh its no biggie just doing what anyone would do..." he said sill looking down as his cheeks began to grow darker. "You need people around you that will take care of you... why not come back with me to the dorms? Its too dark to walk now anyways to walk all the way over there. And like i said you need people who care about you around you. I know the guys and I just met you but you are different. We really like you. So come on lets go." He had gotten this confidence all of a sudden. From where? Not even Kyungsoo knew. Renesmay just looked at him as he watched the waves. Her cheeks tinted a slight pink. Kyungsoo stood up lending his hand out to her. She takes it and stands up. she is one the step above him making them face to face. He looked her in her eyes and brought her in a hug. She hugged him back and buried her face in his shoulder. Renesmay Prov. what is this feeling? My heart hurts but it feels as if being healed every second. Kyungsoo Prov. My heart is full of emotion. I can feel her heart beating fast and her cheeks warming in my shoulder. Her heart is full of hurt and now i know my mission. I need to be the one who heals it.
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