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Snacking doesn't have to be heavy food that will make you feel bloated. Try snacking with fruits that contain water so they become more digestible! Try these amazing bite-size strawberry chocolate cheesecakes! Ingrdients: - 12 strawberries - Philadelphia Snack Delights milk chocolate cream cheese spread - 2 graham crackers, crumbled Directions: 1) Cut tops and bottoms off berries. Using a paring knife, cut out the inside of the berry for the filling. 2) Fill pastry bag with decorative tip with PHILADELPHIA Snack Delights milk chocolate cream cheese spread. Pipe into strawberries. 3) Sprinkle strawberries with crumbled graham crackers. Source: eclecticrecipes.com/
LOL i guess it dont make sense to have frozen berrieess LOL defies the purpose of tryin to be healthy @miranpark88
@kristenadams well it's caz strawberries come only during winterrr : ((
@miranpark88 y only winterrr
@kristenadams yeah! I have them all the time during winterrrr and put some chocolate on it :D it's really good!
these look like a very lite snackk i would haveeeeee specially put more chocolateee LOL
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