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To me, Itachi and Sasuke are the most rivalling siblings in anime. We all know they have a terrible past, and a interesting future. Both have made questioning choices and great ones, too. And, although, these two dudes seem to not like each other all the time, they have a strong bond and relationship. So, my question is: which of the Uchiha brothers do you like more or respect more, in terms of their decisions made?
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Itachi holds a more special place in my heart. I adore Sasuke but not the way I do with Itachi.
@UzumakiJess same with me
Nooooo Itachi 馃槫馃槯馃槩馃槶
I respect itachi more. He had the guts to kill his whole family and then keep up a lie to keep his brother safe basically. And also itachi is the strongest uchiha even over madara.
Infact kishimoto said that itachi could almost Easley beat madara in his prime with ease lol