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As you all probably know the lovely @ShadowAngel87 has released her identity as the ever elusive Vanny that likes to pop its head in my work ever so often. Today I thought Id wing a letter to her and see how it goes.
Dearest Vanny,
Our perfect week was like waking up to a fantasy every day and now that its over for now only the pictures remind me it happened. That one of our dreams came true and it was real. Now the only thing left is to get back to you and I'm going to work my hardest to so we can be happy again. Imagine what that would be like though waking up every day to a dream. That's what keeps me going most days and I know how bad you want to do your part. Honestly though you already do more than enough you keep me fighting strong and you keep me positive. I never thought I could be this positive and I know I'm far from your level of positivity. Vanny your a walking ball of sunshine and you can brighten up anyone's day. I should know you do it to me every day. That's one of the many things I'm so thankful to you for. I'm the luckiest man alive that I have you in my life. No matter what I'm going to try to show you just how happy you've made me by making you that happy everyday. It's the least I can do after all the things you've done for me. It drives me crazy that you don't know fully how much you mean to me or how happy you make me. That's why I constantly try to find words and tell them to you so you can at the very least have an idea. Then again you probably feel the exact same way about me. I definitely don't help by always denying how "good" I am but deep down I know I'm good. Just sometimes I can't bring myself to admit it because I don't wanna mess up anything. You know like jinx it? There's so much to say to you yet nothing at all at the same time. Hopefully that makes sense to you because it barely makes sense to me. Until I write again I love you darlin sorry it was so short.
Forever yours,
Eli Oppa
Ugh this is too precious! Good luck to both of you with long distance. It's hard but it looks like you two can beat it :)
Omg Oppa !!!! you made me cry happy tears