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Members: Yoongi/Suga; Reader(You); OC characters; Minor mention of other members
Part: 1/?
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Summary: Separate you all were as different as could be. Together, you all only had one thing in common; Min Yoongi.
She had three.
At first you were stunned to learn this. How could she possibly handle the dedication and emotional toll of not one, but three? She claimed that it wasn’t so hard after the first few months. Learn to make a schedule in secret, she advised you, become an expert in making up believable excuses at the drop of a hat. She was a business woman, she revealed, which made making up lies easier. You refrained from mentioning the dark circles around her eyes and the way her shoulders slouched when she thought no one was watching. Whether she would admit it or not, you could see that three was taking its toll on her.
She was much older than you, with a look of experience and a smile that comforted. Bare in face and dressed smartly, she reminded you of your mother and it was odd to see her in such a place. How had she come to this point in her life, you wondered. How did she get here? Was she happy? The tired look to her eyes said otherwise.
The other had two.
She was much more lively than the first. There was a spring to her step that she said kept her interesting. She was only a few years older than you, she still took great care in her makeup, touching it up numerous times since you’ve arrived. She chattered away happily even though everyone else had given up trying to keep up with her fast moving tongue. A nurse. She was saying that she wanted to be a nurse. She said her secret was taking days off to pamper herself to keep up her ‘irresistible’ appearance. And to make sure you kept distance, to not only protect yourself, but to keep interest.
The final one had five.
And despite being two years younger than you, there was a deep set tiredness to her. She didn’t talk much, just sat and watched everyone else move around her. Her phone chimed endlessly, it seemed and she’d only glance at it and sigh. Her grin was faint, full of exhaustion and even saying her name seemed like a chore. You felt sorry for her; she seemed like she was nice. Apparently, this had started early and she had never finished high school.
You only had one.
And you were happy; until now. Having more than one was something that you had never thought about once in your life. And you had thought that having multiple was a thing of the past, until now. Until the businesswoman had called you, asking about your personal interests. Apparently she had had enough and wanted to bring all her secrets to light. You were confused, what did her secrets have to do with you? But curious, you agreed to meet her and was surprised at where she chose to meet.
Collectively, you were four.
There was the businesswoman, the nursing student, the highschool dropout, and you.
Four women who Min Yoongi all called his girlfriend.
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