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Genre: Angst
Members: Yoongi/Suga; Reader(You); OC characters; Minor mention of other members
Part: 2/?
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
Summary: Separate you all were as different as could be. Together, you all only had one thing in common; Min Yoongi.
You all sat in the empty apartment that he rented (what you had thought was for you and he, but the other women all thought the same), but he had never appeared.
Busy with work, you all concluded.
Honestly, it was odd to meet three other women who knew Yoongi just as well, if not better, than you. The businesswoman, Yeorang, knew his favorite foods. How he liked his coffee piping hot, even though he always let it sit untouched until it was lukewarm. She had been with him for five months. (2 years with her second partner and about a week with her third.)
Jichu, the aspiring nurse, knew the songs he played as background sound while he worked on music. And how he would hum softly to himself as he worked on things around the apartment. Her and Yoongi had been together the longest at over a year. (She had been seeing her second partner for about half that amount of time.)
Hwasa, the high school dropout, knew the tell tale signs that Yoongi was in a bad mood, and she knew exactly how to calm him down. They had been together for two months. (5 years with her second partner, 4 months with the third, 3 weeks with the fourth, and a couple of days with the fifth.)
Compared to them, you knew nothing about Yoongi. Yes, he was handsome and insightful and mysterious (very mysterious apparently). He was a dedicated music artist who put work before almost everything. If he had the right inspiration, he’d write until his fingers cramped. He liked to be kissed lightly on his temple when you passed by, and loved to briefly squeeze your fingers when he felt you falling asleep on his shoulders.
You’d only been dating him for a month.
Nothing compared to the rest of them. You all had parted ways when midnight came and went with no sign of Yoongi. It was Jichu who suggested you all trade numbers and meet up again in secret to discuss things. Yeorang insisted that no one speak of the information they knew. Yoongi couldn’t know that you all had met each other. You had agreed just to get their intent stares off you, but now that Yoongi was right in front of you, you were having seconds thoughts.
You saw him completely different now.
You tensed when his hand wrapped around your waist, leading you into the dorm. The other members all greeted you politely, their grins seemingly warm. Had Yoongi brought the other women here? Did the member know about them? Beside you, Suga frowned softly, wondering why you were so hesitant to moved completely into the room. You never had a problem before.
His hands trailed up your spine, settling on your shoulders and he stepped behind you and leaned into you back. Head leaning to the side, his lips brushed against your ear as he murmured,”Are you stressed Jagi?” His long fingers gently kneaded into your tense muscles,” Aish..” he mumbled,” You’re tense. Do you need Oppa to loosen you up..?” There was a teasing tone to his gravelly voice that had you jumping from his hands. Yoongi raised a brow, stepping after you,”Jagi, what’s wrong?”
His hands curled around your wrist, turning you back to face him. Smoothing down your hair he kissed your nose, whispering that you could tell him anything. You couldn’t stop the tears from spilling from your eyes.
How could he be so kind, but so deceitful?
Naturally, you ran from him, speeding towards the bathroom as he chased after you, concern filling his voice as he asked what was wrong over and over. You had promised the other women not to tell, you were trying your hardest to keep that promise. You just need a moment to collect yourself; a moment away from Yoongi.
So you had locked yourself into the bathroom, trying to stifle your sobs as he pounded away on the other side, “Jagi! Jagi, what’s wrong? Let me in, I want to help you!” He fists slammed against the door harder,”Jagi, you’re scaring me, what’s wrong!?”
You covered your mouth, bitter weeping overtaking your whole body. What was wrong?
He was.
Yoongi was what was wrong.

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