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Members: Yoongi/Suga; Reader(You); OC characters; Minor mention of other members
Part: 4/?
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Summary: Separate you all were as different as could be. Together, you all only had one thing in common; Min Yoongi
As you set your phone down onto the coffee table to head to the kitchen for something to drink, Yoongi tried to appear inconspicuous as he slowly shut the laptop on his lap shut. After the tense conversation the two of you shared in bathroom, you and he had kept a bit of a distance from each other.
He chose to ‘work’ on music, while you sat opposite of him and played around on your phone. The thought of you texting a certain someone had his heart racing. All he could do was mindless click around on the laptop’s homescreen; feigning the action of him working on music. A quick glance was given to your retreating figure as he slipping the warm electronic off his lap and onto the seat beside him. Once you were out of sight, he leaned forward, fumbling slightly as he grabbed for the phone. The silicone case drug against the tabletop, skipping as the material resisted sliding across the surface. He was sure you could hear the sound and tried to muffle it by coughing. Finally, his fingers were able to curl around the device and he lifted it up, quickly unlocking it.
You would be back any moment and he needed to see your call log before then. If not, he was sure he was going to explode with the sinking feeling burning in his stomach. Yoongi, tapped at the call log, his heart sinking at the name.
Licking his lips, he checked the call details. After all, there were tons of people in the world named Yeosang. The chances of his Yeosang being the same woman you were talking to were very, very slim. As the call details popped up, he read and reread the number.
It was the same as his Yeosang.
Yoongi heard the fridge door shutting in the kitchen and quickly jabbed his thumb as the recent apps button, deleting the call log from the list. He set the phone back and pulled his laptop back onto his lap as you walked into the room. You raised a brow at Yoongi staring at his shut laptop, setting your drink down and sitting back in your seat across from him. “Are you alright?” You asked softly. He shrugged, meeting your gaze,
“Yeah..I uh, I just.” Yoongi started to stand, “I’ve gotta make a quick phone call,” he murmured.” Catching your odd look he added,”Hopefully Bang PD picks up,” He lied softly, holding up his laptop,”Kinda ran into an issue with the program.” You watched him quickly walk out of the living room, his room door shutting shortly after.
He wasn’t sure if he was scared or angry. Maybe it was both. Running his hands through his hair, he took a deep breath. Mentally, sifting through all your actions and behavior he had observed over the week, he shook his head. You couldn’t have found out about Yeosang.
Which means she found out about you.
And this is where Yoongi got confused. Yeosang knew about his other women, just like he knew about her other men. She was never expressed an interest in meeting them either. In fact, she was the one who insisted that Yoongi never let them find out about her. She preferred to stay his secret.
So why had she sought out you and not the others?
More importantly, what had she told you? Did you know of Jichu and Hwasa as well? Yoongi licked his lips, debating on whether to call Yeorang or not. If he did, what would he even say? ‘Hey. I know you told my girlfriend that she’s one out of four, why?’ He felt the frustration building up in his chest. What the fuck was Yeorang doing?
And what was he supposed to do now?

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