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thank you for creating this games @VatcheeAfandi199 link to play here on my results
Wae oppa wae
Namjoon I happy to be with you.
makes sense I'm your girlfriend.
If you have a crush on me then why did you end things oppa?
Namjoon I thought it was you i swear. I was going to surprise you at work and I walked in the studio think it was yours. it was dark and I couldn't see. Plus suga didn't say anything until after he turn on the lights.
Well go ahead and hate me oppa. been hate you because you are making me so confused.
Hobi don't think that way I didn't mean to make you upset when I told you were like a brother to me. Are birthdays are a day apart.
Jungkook why would you fight with Namjoon. I don't know if Namjoon and I are still together.
Great now you kidnap me with oppa. did you forget that I am pregnant?!
Taehyung thank you for saving me. You will be a great uncle to this kid.
I guess in the end I grew feeling for you and Namjoon and I weren't able to work things out. In a way it's a good thing with us having a baby together.