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This is my first screenshot game that im creating. If you play this please tag me in a card of your own or comment your results. I hope you enjoy. I'm sorry if this is bad. Lets start...
Who loves you?
Your future boyfriend
Does your boyfriend truly love you?
Will you breakup? If you got yes don't move on. If you got no please proceed.
Will you end up getting married? If you got no your done. If you got yes please proceed.
How many children will you have?
Will you have a happy ending?
My results Its too bad... I would love to marry you Youngjae
I hope a you guys enjoyed this. I will make more if you want, and request too. Credits to the owners
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Mine turned out very well. πŸ‘πŸ» Jr loves me, bam bam is my future boyfriend, he truly loves me, we will not break up, we will get married and have 0 kids, and have a happy ending. 😁😁😁