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Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm - The Zerg Attack France
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Wow it's amazing! I still have to play Heart of the Swarm, been so busy lately, @JohnLee is it any good? Better than Wings of Liberty?
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@JohnLee Omg, I know. CGI is just...wow. Was it that short? Shame.
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@GuzmanDiaz Honestly I played WoL so long ago I don't even remember it haha. I enjoyed both of them, although I didn't play online for HoS. Didn't have enough time :( @YinofYang I finished it in like 2 days with work? Or maybe I'm just really good ;) (I'm not hehe).
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@JohnLee 2 days with work? No, not bad at all. I've been watching Starcraft stuff lately. Lol!
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