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Regardless Pt.5
“I see..”
After a while of chat with JungKook, all of you came down into a deep silence.
Jimin was looking down at the floor, not being able to look into your eyes. He slowly looked up, facing Jeon with intense eyes.
“I really have no words to describe how I am feeling right now...”-Jimin began as JungKook followed.
“I just wanted to let you know about why your wife did what she did”
“Still that’s not excuse...”-Jimin wanted to say more, he looked now at you.
“I am so sorry, I could’t give you what you wanted... Its all of my fault, If I just wasn’t like this... may be we could have enough money..”-Jimin began to tear up and you didn’t want to see him like this. You hugged him as if your life depended on it.
“No Jimin, its not your fault... I should have been stronger... “- You wanted to continue but Jungkook interrupted you.
“I am not asking you to do this as your boss, I am asking this of you as a favor, a friend to a friend favor.”
“No, this is already way too much, I am sorry but..”
“No, please do it.. finish what you began”-Jimin looked at you and smiled. He looked lost as if he didn’t know what to do anymore.
“Jimin...but what if the plan doesn’t work? We are only doing this out of expectations... If Yoongi is still president about this, then we would both loose our job and we can’t handle anymore...”
“Our relationship has always been strong, and I want to keep it that way... remember the day we got married? I said that I will make you happy no matter what... I want to see smile and not been worried about money”
“You already make me happy, you big idiot”
“Yes, but I am your idiot...but still you have to do a lot of work to keep me going along with you”
“So do you...”- You said while him giving you a sexy smirk.
“I don’t want to interrupt, but this is becoming quite uncomfortable for me”- Jeon said and both of you separated a bit,still holding hands.
“Look my brothers are coming to the company, today at 7:00 PM and its supposed to be a surprise for him, you still got plenty of time to go look for Yoongi and “break up” whatever you guys had”- Jeon said ready to leave the apartment.
“But what if he never really loved me?”- you asked concerned. Jeon turned around facing you.
“Is true that Min Yoongi has never showed loved for anyone in a long time but...What kind of flowers did he gave you the time you guys had your “first date”?- Jeon asked feeling curious.
“Lilies...”-You said, not feeling secure with saying this as Jimin was next to you.
“Then you have nothing to worry about...”-Jeon said.
“Lilies don’t grow around this area... you need to go to the other side of the city to get them... and there’s only someone else who Yoongi have lilies to..”- Jungkook said now looking down at the floor.
“Who?”- you weren’t sure if you should be asking this.
“Someone who is not with us anymore...”- and with that said, Jungkook left the apartment with a sad expression on his face.
A few bit after JungKook left, you heard your phone ringing as you looked up at the screen, it was your boss who called you. You looked at Jimin waiting for his approval.
“Make him believe that we both ended our relationship... he will have hopes that you will go with him after this”- Jimin told you and you answer your phone.
“Hello?”- You tried to make your voice sound as you had been crying.
“Are you ok? Why did you left me in the morning?”- Yoongi asked through the phone,
“I did’t want Jimin to find out.. but he somehow did... and we are done”-You said.
“... You can come with me if you want...”
“What do you mean?”
“ Ah, I can’t tell you this over the phone... will you mind meet me?- Yoongi asked, after this, Jimin gave you the look of “I am going with you”, and you didn’t mind.
“Rosa Cemetery ...”-Yoongi said with calm voice.
“I will be there in 15 minutes...”
You felt ready, Jimin was quietly following you around, in a way that he gave you moral support, you felt confident.
You saw Yoongi stading in front of the gate, and he smiled at you.
That smile... made your heart flutter.
and you hated it.
“Come with me, I want to introduce you to someone...”-Yoongi said and he grabbed your hand and began walking. In the conner of your eye, you saw Jimin hiding, ready to follow you and protect you.
You both walked for a bit enjoying the natural atmosphere of the cemetery, quietly, his warm hand made a perfect match with yours and for a moment you wished you didn’t have this feelings towards him.
He suddenly made a stop and so did you, he let you go of your hand , he bend down near the stone which read:
Beautiful wife
and mother
Will always be loved...”
“I introduce you to my mother..”-Yoongi said and as you said that you notice the lilies that were lying down on her grave.
“I know is not the time, but...I have been waiting for someone who makes me happy, so I could introduce her the person I want to spend my life with”- still bending down, he turn around you, bending in one knee.
“I know that we meet in very bad circumstances and that I was a complete jerk, but you changed me and you taught me to be a better person, and this time we have been together, has being the happiest...I understand that you need time, after what happened today, but even so I just can’t wait , what I am trying to say is..I.Will you marry me?”- Yoongi pulled out a ring and looked at you as if he was a lost puppy that just found a new master.
“Over my death body!!!”
You turned around and saw Jimin running towards the both of you. Yoongi stood up immediately ready to face Jimin.
Jimin punched Yoongi in the face, and Yoongi did the same to Jimin’s stomach. And so, their fight began.
You didn’t know what to do. Should you go in and stop them? Or yell at them to stop?
You saw how Yoongi’s mother’s grave was staring to get dirty due to all the fighting.
Now Jimin was on the floor, Yoongi was gitting again and again.
“No, stop it!”- You yelled and that seemed to work as Yoongi looked up to you. In which Jimin took advantage of it and push Yoongi off him.
“You will never understand.. what we went through together... she doesn’t love you... and will never be... every time she was with you... she was only thinking about me... she was only worrying about me and about my happiness... she risk her safety and her happy relationship with... all for my sake...and that my friend, is what I call love”- Jimin said as he stood up, and Min Yoongi did the same.
You didn’t want then to keep going, you felt as if you heart was about to stop, everything was feeling heavy on your body, even breathing began to hurt. The only thing you remember after collapsing to the floor, was Jimin and Yoongi running towards you to help you.
How glad you were, that they stop fighting.
To be continued...
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