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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is facing increasing pressure to support gay marriage. In the wake of this week's supreme court decisions, democratic legislators are saying that he is standing on the wrong side of history. Do you all think that he will change his mind if/when he announces his candidacy for the presidency in 2016?
I see two separate thoughts here. Before we can have a real discussion about some of these points we need to decide if there is a place for the bible and/or theology in politics. I would guess that @cocosdragon and @rhynes1 would both say yes. It also looks like @minjaeturtles and I would say no. My question for all of you is whether there is any concrete reason to include religion in political discourse?
@Cocosdragon yes, I've heard of the Bible explicitly prohibiting homosexuality. perhaps I'm starting an entire new argument, but the Bible was written by numerous men over a very long time. Could it really represent what God wants, especially since there are many debates about how the Bible should be interpreted? If you think so, then I can't argue with you on that. But I'm not sure about your argument that homosexuality is on the same level as obesity and can be fought...I mean (assuming you're a heterosexual like me) according to your line of thought, it should be possible to "fight" our preference for the opposite sex and try to be attracted to the same sex, could we not? I think a gay person may be able to hide his/her true desire, but not overcome it like one could with obesity or poverty.
minjaeturtles, if you research your Bible, it explicitly states that homosexuality is forbidden. My original opening statement was more directed at the govenor being attacked for standing his ground. As for homosexuality being a choice (in my opinion) it runs the same route as those who fight obesity or a lack of ambition or even poverty. The statement of "I can't help it" in my book is an excuse to relent. Granted these things are difficult to fight. However they CAN be faught.
@rhynes1 I think you have a valid point, but as @Cocosdragon points out, the fact that he chose to give us free will shows that he implicitly was willing to accept the choices that we make as beings with free will. He gave us "humanity", you say, but that is tautological; he created our perception of "humanity" by creating us this way. Also, going back to our original discussion of homosexuality, what you seem to imply is that it is a matter of choice (and therefore dependent upon our will). @Cocosdragon - I'm not sure if you meant it, but it appears as if you are including homosexuality in the category of "mistakes". Is it? Although I can't speak from experience, I've heard that it is something beyond our will. (I'm not launching a personal attack on you guys, and I am open to being convinced by any of you!)
By God ALLOWING us free will, doesn't that still infer that God is in COMPLETE control. This world would be in an even BIGGER mess if HE were not in complete control. Example: Don't we as parents allow our children to make mistakes in order to better teach them vs the (Charlie Brown Syndrome) when a parent speaks and all the child hears is "wa wa wa". In the same way I believe God allows us to make the mistakes that teach us.
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