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So that's a response from a friend I have on FB. It legit ticked me off and so I commented on her post.
I wish I could've said more to her and knowing how she is, I'm not fixing to deal with stubborn people. I know Taeyong is such a great boy. I can see it by the way he acts. And it disappoints me how people always try to misinterpret his true intentions. I don't know about you, but I'll support this boy until he proves to me that his behavior hasn't changed from his early teens.
People need to understand that if he didn't change SM would not have debuted him because SM is like the hardest company to get into and they care about their company's image; so why would SM debut someone if they thought it would ruin their image? I've seen some post that people say that the members look awkward around him but I mean again if the members didn't like him then why debut with him? I mean to get this far and debut you have to become a team not just put up with each other. I don't know if this is the same thing but before Monsta X debuted, in the show No Mercy the members didn't like I.M but now they're like brothers. So I doubt that Taeyong's fellow members feel awkward around him. BUT if they do then that is no team. ANYWAYS~ keep your head up Taeyong I'll support you and NCT U........I have no idea if this made any sense I just needed to let it out haha
People make mistakes and learn from their mistakes, what Taeyong did was in the past even though i dont like bullies atleast he is trying to be good and repent. Netizens just sit behind their computers and judge people making them feel small actually in my opinion they are worse than what he did the past. Geez these netizens need to stop whatever they are doing. I never really liked him at first but he is growing on me and i would definetly give him a second chance to redeem himself
I agree with you. Sure he made some mistakes, but people deserve a second chance. He's learned from those mistakes. I hope people can just drop this and support him
@KpopGaby kids these days don't understand that in life we makes mistakes takes you see I made a mistake in my comment is I'm going to get in trouble for what I miss spelled huh? if not then I will write the hell I want okay. but yea he is a HUMAN!!!! plus he was a dumb ass kid being a dumb ass kid
I hate when people do shit like this! It pisses me off! Taeyong has worked so hard to be where he is right know. And yet stupid people can't let him and his group shine in the limelight without hurting them. The poor boy broke down in fucking tears for crying out loud. Yeah he did some bad stuff in his past like scam a few people. But haven't those damn netizens heard of second chances. I have no idea why the damn netizens are bashing the damn guy he apologised on camera wholeheartedly for all of them and yet they won't stop. Like what the actual hell, don't they know that your past doesn't define your future. Who the hell do they think they are bringing a grown man to tears. Do they really think SM Entertainment would actually someone who isn't sincere and if they can look past his mistakes then Netizens should be able to as well. I mean geez people give the man a chance to prove himself before judging the crap out of him.!!!!!!!
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