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that's me somewhat. lol I draw a lot and I figured I would draw myself on anime form. any who I share a lot of February birthdays. mine is in the 17th and there is no one that shares with me. how ever there are some birthdays that are near mine.
First up is Jongup February 6, 1995
Chansung February 11, 1990
Ravi February 15, 1993
Then me lol February 17,1993
JHOPE February 18, 1994
CL February 26, 1991
Mine is on the close Hobi!!!😣
@MadAndrea I thought that JHOPE and I shared a birthday or his was on the 22nd or the 12th. but I read it wrong somewhere. turned out his birthday is a day after mine.
@MadAndrea lol I knew there were a lot for February. I chose who I knew and listen to.
@Choijiah I don't think any share my birthday. I read somewhere Jungkook did but it was wrong and I was disappointed lol
Yay! I always get excited when someone makes a card haha and that is a lot of birthdays. Aside from Namjoon and Jungkook, I have no idea who has same birth months