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My first BTS game & result. Too cute!! Thank you to @MrsJungHoseok and if you want to play, here's the link.
Thank god, we just BFF Jung kookie.
Aww, me too too. Especially that deep voice you have going on. I can't deal.
Well damn, guess who just went down my list. -_-
Ay, Jin you make me smile with those words. Even though I feel as if you want me to say you're good looking too.
Well he does hate me and that makes me sad no lie.
Flabbergasted ♡_♡
Aww, that's why you're my namja chingu. \^_^/
Aww, Jin always looking out for me to stay happy. ^_*
So, was it a tough love, brain washing test you made me go through all this time?
And on top of that we had 8?!?!?!?! Well at least I got my soccer team rolling. lol ㅠ.ㅠ Game creator: @MrsJungHoseok I need a BTS taggies list lol: @CLARKPOP @MirandaKawahara
@CLAKPOP omg she's in her own kdrama
@CLAKPOP I've been on a drama bender since last night. I only stopped watching bc my hubby and kids were hungry.
The one who hated you ended up being your husband 😂 How romantic.
you would end up with a soccer team
I would love to be part of your "BTS Taggies List" Lol cute name :D
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