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Hello Vinglers and Fellow Fairy Tail Community Members! This is Titana from your amazing Fairy Tail Mod Team! Today I'll be posting question #2 of the Fairy Tail Giveaway xD Remember to tag our Fairy Tail Mod @Thatperson512 or the support team The Titania @Aimebolanos (myself) The Salamander @tylor619cruz and The Rookie @hikaymm! Click here to see the main giveaway card To enter the contest you have to. 1. Be part of the Fairy Tail community The point of this contest is to get more people in the community and hopefully make some new friends! 2. Complete every contest card. Today and all next week there will be cards with questions that you must answer with your own card posted to the Fairy Tail community. They must have the {FTG} label in the title and at least one picture. So Let's Get Started!
I couldn't chose one of these to be my ultimate Favorite Non-Fairy Tail Character so I chose these three badass people from Crime Sorciere! Jellal Fernandes, Meredy & Ultear Milkovich are my favorite non- Fairy Tail characters because they all have a tragic back story, became evil and tried to do horrible things, learned from their mistakes and now live on to make the world a better place now helping Fairy Tail! Not everyone can see the mistakes they have committed and try to become something else in life and that's exactly what they did which makes me haopy to see because that is what these characters need after all the things they went through as children. Jellal, Meredy and Ultear make me proud for doing that and making the life decision which is probably my main reason for liking them so much. So these are my Favorite Non- Fairy Tail Characters who are yours?!
@SAMURXAI Just wait til you hit the Grand Magic Games arc! ;)
Awesome! These 3 are pretty bad ass! Love Ultear! Sooooo ruthless when she used Meledy to stop Jellal lol that was great!
@SAMURXA Lol ik right (and im all caught up even the manga so no spoilers for me lol) and I completely agree with you
Thanx for the tag! This will take some thinking...
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