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Carbine has released four of the six classes that will be available on launch date. They are the Warrior, the Stalker, the Spellslinger, and the Esper. The Warrior is toue quintessential tank class meant to take a beating and keep on going. The Stalker is the melee DPS class similar to rogues in World of Warcraft. The Stalker is meant to sneak in close under stealth and deal massive damage. The Spellslinger is the equivalent of the Ranged DPS class like archers or hunters. Equipped with guns, the Spellslinger uses some magic and deadly precision to deal damage to its foe. Finally, the Esper is the Magic DPS class. Like mages in other MMOs, the Esper is equipped with powerful magic spells with high damage potential, as well as, healing spells to keep its friends alive. I prefer to keep a big gap between myself and what I'm killing so I plan to try out the Spellslinger or the Esper when open beta starts.