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These kind of questions are always so hard! I couldn't narrow it down to one, but I got close: the Twin Dragons of the Sabertooth guild! These boys are sure to be a popular selection for this prompt!

Rogue Cheney

I'll start with Rogue. I always liked him, even when they, and the rest of Sabertooth, were kinda portrayed as dicks. A rather chill character, this Shadow Dragon Slayer did not seem to support the harsh, cruel practices that other members of the guild used as, at the time, Sabertooth valued strength and power over such values as friendship. I could never really dislike him, like I did other members of Sabertooth. Underneath his classy exterior lurks a dark force, a shadow with the power to possess Rogue and impose its will on him. This shadow is revealed when he faces his idol, Gajeel, in battle. In addition to this (and being hot af, obviously), at least in my opinion, he's also a pretty sweet guy, especially when it comes to Frosch!

Sting Eucliffe

Moving on to Sting, the Natsu of Sabertooth! Unlike Rogue, the Light Dragon Slayer originally did seem to buy into the old Sabertooth mantra, but he learned from Natsu, his role model, and became a pretty awesome dude. After the games and the events that followed, he became Sabertooth's master and made some great changes, running the guild much more like Fairy Tail than the former power-obsessed master. Now I can't help but smile whenever Sabertooth gets in on the action because I just can't wait to see where he takes it!

Honorable Mentions

Of course, I can't do a card like this without having a great list of honorable mentions that I didn't get to talk about!


A Snow Wizard, Eve was actually trained to be one of the Rune Knights before joining the Blue Pegasus guild, which is why he is sometimes referred to as Holy Knight Eve. He is pretty quiet and polite, compared to his Trimens teammates, and he's also rather clever. He's definitely my favorite of the Blue Pegasus boys, overtaking Hibiki as my old favorite!


Shelia is a Sky God Slayer in the Lamiascale guild. She's super-powerful, sweet, and adorable, so of course she'd be insta-besties with Wendy!


C'mon, I couldn't not do Jellal! Yeah, he's a bit of a love-hate character for a long time, but I feel that his heart was always in the right place. He's always trying to do the right thing to atone for the sins of his past because he feels immensely responsible for them, even though he was kinda possessed so it wasn't really his fault to begin with. I think it's clear that his true nature is actually very sweet and caring, and I just love him!
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it's a random drawing anyways, not based on skill or effort put in it, but we all do because we love it.
@TBird well, I think the winners will be selected by raffle, like with the Nakama Campfire challenge
@TBird @SAMURXAI I do believe his name is Shou or Sho, if not something like that.
@SAMURXAI you know how I do my best with spoilers! (not like my brother...)
That's sweet ♡
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