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I've locked myself away in my own insanity I've  lost all control and all hope this world is not what it used to be I'm not who I said I  was and all promises are ment to be broken everything is a lie and just like a rose the pedals fall one by one as I die inside I'm unable to save myself all that's left is the last pedal to drop the last of my sanity the last of my hopes and dreams and the last of my kindness and love just look at me I'm broken down and all washed up nothing is left of me
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I recently read something that the past is the only thing that holds us back from the future. We think that the past is what leads to the future, but its just our REACTIONS to the past that bring it to the present and beyond. I'm not sure what you're going through, but i found that that frame of thinking helped me a lot. "Complete" the past and don't let it effect your future, even the immediate future.