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Ichigo x Shirosaki (Hollow Ichigo)
Orihime x Uryu
Uryu x Ichigo
Rukia x Ichigo
Grimmjow x Ichigo
Orihime x Ichigo
Orihime x Ulquiorra
*Bonus8 Gender Swap. If ya don't see your fave pairing comment below!! What world should I do next?
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Rukia x Orihime! 😋 I might ship it more than IchiRuki, but I can't get behind IchiHime, though I did kinda like UlquiHime at the end there... I'll see how things develop when they pick it back up or I get around to the Manga, but I don't see my position changing on IchiHime, though I'm told that becomes the canon
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