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It's day 2 of the Fairy Tail Giveaway and for today it's our favorite character that's not apart of the Fairy Tail guild. **There might be some spoilers ahead so be careful what you read**
So I can't choose just one so I'm going with Rogue and Sting from Sabertooth guild. I just love these two so much!

Rogue Cheney

My favorite part about him is his mysterious dark side. He is a shadow dragon slayer and sometimes his shadow tries to take over. To be honest though I didn't care much for future Rogue.

Sting Eucliffe

He is just so hot 鉂も潳 I am definitely a Sting fangirl. He is a light dragon slayer and is a 3rd generation dragon slayer. Together Sting and Rogue are the twin dragon slayers of Sabertooth.
And of course I can't forget to mention Frosch and Lector. These 2 are exceeds just like Happy and Carla.
I hope you all liked my card and I encourage all you Fairy Tail lovers to participate in this fun giveaway event. I know I'm having fun making these cards. Tagging: @Thatperson512 @hikaymm @AimeBolanos @tylor619cruz @kazam98 @shagnasty360 @mufasapetersen @Juvia747 @SAMURXAI
Ha, I went with these guys too! Knew they'd be popular choices!
We need more Rouge pictures but shirtless and with his hair up in a pony tail 馃槏馃槏馃槏鉂も潳馃拫馃拫馃拫
First picture looks like Sasuke
@OtakuDemon10 you have good taste then
@SAMURXAI Oh I feel you there, I also had trouble watching that arc. Ya I didn't like it much. There is a nice twist at the end so try to pull through
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