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"Twitter hashtag party!!! We only have a few hrs left to tweet and vote! Deadline is 12pm KST. JUST SPAM THE CRAP OUT Of IT!!! I want to see all of you spam on my TL tweeting SBS!!! Also if you can only stream one platform, stream on Tudou till 12pm KST don't worry about YouTube right now Tweet to @SBS_MTV + #빅스 +더쇼 Eg. @SBS_MTV Dynamite is amazing #빅쇼 #더쇼 Each tweet counts as a vote Stream http://www.tudou.com/theshow/index.html " All messages from my friend to remind you all!! :) VIXX squad: @kelseyblair @MandyNoona @AimeeH @Helixx @lovetop VIXX MOD TAGLIST @lilbr0wneyes @resavalencia @twistedPuppy @EmilyPeacock @kpopandkimchi @IsoldaPazo @TesneemElAlami @KristinaCaron @Mikim000 @ElishaFisher @VeronicaArtino @StefaniTre @kpopandkimchi @KhrystinaLee @SarangRavi @kissofdeath316 @deilig @JenGambale @goinnutz22 @Sailynn @ChaErica @MaeLyn @KAddict @Annaharris1989 @DominiqueWhitak @AlmaRangel @Kayto4 @TaliaMay14 @narutobandgeek @Bwolfgirl @mightmuffin @NathashaXavier @unnieARMkeY @RaquelArredondo @sherrysahar @LemonLassie @SindyHernandez @SusiBosshammer @sleepingyoongi @EliseB @letsloveshinee @AaliyahNewbell @JenGambale @AdiaJasinski @MahelySandoval @JessicaVang @StephanieDuong @SerenityThao @MiahCisneros @MirandaStephens @hellhoundsuccub @TaehyungV @dragonlittle @NyxSukai @MiahCisneros @GamingAirbender @NiahriTaylor @MelissaGarza @CuteBabyLay @AlyssaGelet818 @SamanthaRae19 @CreeTheOtaku (comment if you want to be added or removed)
Starlight's execute mission!! Gonna tweet and stream my heart away!!!! We're so close!!!!!!
they r in first place now...
@lovetop Yup! If I'm correct voting has officially ended with Vixx in the lead. Great Work Starlight's! It was an intense battle :D