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click here to play this game. @Princessunicorn I know I took a while to actually play this game but here it goes a little story time as well lol.
Today was the day. I finally got to hang out with my boys from BTS. Jhope came and got me and we met the rest at the carnival. I hadn't been to once since I was a child so going now was going to be amazing. when we got to the carnival JHope held my hand when we were walking in. Instantly I saw the haunted house and wanted to go. I let go of Jhopes hand and ran over to Jin.
"Jiiiinnn let's go in the haunted house together." I grabbed at his arm trying to pull him the direction on the haunted house. "Ok ok chill Sarah." He said finally walking towards it. "Yay!" I started jumping up and down in excitement. I thought I could handle it but once we got in and the first scare I clung to Jin. "Come here I'll hold you." He said with open arms. I happily accepted. He smelled really good. Although I was in his arms I was still looking around. He would laugh when I'd scream and just hold me tighter. I felt really safe with him. once we were out he let go if me and I have to admit I was a little sad. I would go back in there if it meant more time with Jin. "Sarah let's go on the ferris wheel" Jhope said grabbing my hand again. I turned to Jin and waved bye.
After we had waited in line for a while we finally got in a bucket. I don't do well with heights but as long as we didn't shake that much I'd be fine. It slowly got to the top. "Hey Sarah." "yea?" I looked at him "I have been wanting to do this for a while now." He moved over to me. "what?" I looked at him. He leaned in and kissed me. I stood there frozen. He smiled and moved back to his seat. "I always wanted to kiss a girl on the top of the ferris wheel." He finally said "with the girl you love or are dating!" "Well I love you as a friend isn't that good enough?" "That's not the kind of love you butthead." "What did you like it?" I started blushing "Shut up! I hate you Jhope." I said running off the ferris wheel. I didn't want to talk to Jhope that was something he shouldn't have done. I was just running quickly to put some distance between us. "Sarah! Come join me!!" I looked up to see V.
"Cotton candy!!!" I screamed running up to V. "I got a big one so we could share." He smiled and held it out to me. "Thank you." I smiled taking some. "So are you two dating now?" V asked "who?" "You and jhope?" "No we arent." "But you guys were kissing up there." "what!? how did you see that?" "um...I just have great eye sight." "V!" I had a threating tone "Ok ok....we were all curious as to why we weren't allowed to go with sooo we all were spying." Oh man now this is going to get awkward. "No we aren't dating. but let's just drop it and not talk about it again ok?" I smiled shoving some cotton candy into Vs mouth. "ok" He mumbled As we were walking by a booth I stopped. there was a teddy bear that just called my attention. I don't think I could win it. I walked over to the game. "Can I just buy that bear?" I pointed "Sorry miss you have to play to win." "Oh ok." I started to walk away.
"I'll win it for you." I looked up to see Jungkook. "Really?" "Yea I'm really good at this game." He smiled and handed the guy money. after several minutes he won the bear for me. He handed it to me and I had a huge smile on my face. "Thank you so! Thank you I will name it Kookie." "You're so cute" He said ruffling my hair. "heey." I said laughing fixing my hair. "Come on kookie let's go show you off to the others." I said skipping over to the guys. Jungkook just laughed and followed me. "Look what Jungkook got me!!!" I said showing everyone. "Nice job man" Jimin said smiling "What did you name it?" Suga asked "kookie because he won it for me." "Aww how sweet." Jimin said ruffling Jungkooks hair. we then all went and got a few snacks since we weren't starving but wanted to eat something.
"Sarah come sit by me?" Rap Monster said and I did as he asked. He pulled out his phone. "What are you doing?" "I want to take some pictures with you." "like a couple?" I smirked causing him to blush. "Yea I guess." "Ok that's fine." I smiled ready to pose. "awesome!" After several pictures we started going on the rides again and the day went by super fast. I didn't want it to end. Sadly it had to. This time we went to the guys dorm. I told them I wanted to walk home because it was nice out so they let me do it.
"I'll walk you home." Jin said real quick walking next to me. "Ok." I smiled I loved Jin but never thought to tell him my feelings. I didn't want to mess up our friendship. I waved bye to the guys and we started walking. "So you and Jhope kissed huh?" I really didn't want to bring this up. "yea." short answer...maybe he'll leave it at that. "Did he confess to you?" "No he did not." "Then why did he kiss you?" I stopped walking and turned to him. "Because he always wanted to kiss a girl on the top of a ferris wheel. No he doesn't love me that way he just loves me as a friend and said that was good enough." "Oh that probably hurt." He looked like he thought I was going to cry. "Honestly if he had confessed I would have turned him down." "why?" He looked shocked "Because I like someone else and Noone can really take that place." " Have you confessed?" "Nope I'm not going to I'm not going to mess up a friendship." I started walking again hoping he didn't hear the last part. Jin ran up to me. "but what if he likes you too?" "I doubt it...but if he did I would be so happy....but I won't say anything unless he confesses to me." We got quiet for awhile. As I saw my house coming up I spoke up. "I had fun today thanks for it. I missed you guys." "Yea we missed you too." I started walking up the stairs to my place. I got to the top. "Sarah" I turned around and he ran up the stairs and placed his hand on my cheek. I started blushing. Before he said anything his lips were on mine. I felt the sparks flying. He pulled back before I could respond to him. "I...I don't know if you like me but knowing you like one of us I had to confess....I didn't want to miss my chance.... I love you Sarah. I've fallen so hard that I can't think straight and knowing that you would have said no to Jhope gave me hope.... I..." I cut him off with pressing my lips to his. once I pulled back i saw I shocked him. "I love you too Jin." I smiled "oh thank god. will you be my girlfriend?" "Yes of course." We kissed one more time then he said goodbye and went home. I had a smile stuck to my face the rest of the night and when Jin text me letting me know he was home and safe I couldn't help but giggle. Jin: Hey cutie pie I got home I'm alive. I miss you already. me: I miss you too. Let's meet up tomorrow for food ok? Jin: ok goodnight baby girl me: night ❤
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This was cute and the best part was having them say Sarah 😂😋
Aww so cute!