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Kinobody SuperHero Bulking Day 14 - Intermittent Fasting Muscle Building Program Today is the end of week 2 of the SuperHero Bulking Program and here's a recap. I weighed in today at 157.6 lbs which is a +2.4 lb gained from last week. I'm pretty happy with that and I'll be doing my measurements tomorrow and compare them from the previous week. I may need to switch it to Sundays starting next week. Overall it was a good week again. I took in my calories when needed and went on a deficit on my rest days. I went hiking on Saturday and then took in a huge meal right after when we went to a Chinese buffet. I'm happy with my progress and there's 2 more weeks of phase 1. Hope everybody had a great weekend and let's start off the new week right! Superhero Bulking Program: http://udskambulk.xyz Which program is right for me? Take the survey at http://neiltantay.com/survey