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ughhhh another amazing birthday aka another extremely important day. ....so where do I start ...well This beautiful man came into my life about 5/6years ago while I was watching my absolutely favorite YouTuber ever Ryan Higa. the moment I saw that lovely face I knew he was gonna be stuck in my life for awhile.
fast forward a few years after losing jay for a little bit I found him again .....and seriously I fell in love all over again as sexy as this man is he is the biggest dork on the planet . he's literally a 5 year old trapped in a little tiny grown man body but seriously he is one of the few people whos music truly gets to me and truly makes me happy . I can listen to jay on repeat and never get tired of hit . you feel every single emotion with every line .
Most importantly this man has made me smile during extremely stressful times and for that. I'm beyond grateful (my fave snl skits) and this man right here has accomplished so much ...from being the ceo of his own company, to making amazing albums/songs and to creating a family amongst all of us . I seriously will never forget the day I met this amazing soul and will forever cherish that moment I will forever support him for infinity and beyond so 고마워 박재범 ! 정말 사랑해요 forever and always ....and thank you for opening my star quality snap you're a real mvp for that(since everyone else opens my dumb ones)
my birthday messages to jay ....so much love
yay! been waiting to see this card
@xroyalreisx would have been way longer but my phone is gonna die😑😑