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Can someone help me with the concert? I mean, I just need to know about the V.I.P tickets and all! Does it come with the tickets or something, or do you have to pay extra to get it? And can anyone tell me a website where I can get both the regular tickets and the V.I.P tickets? I'm going to the one in Chicago, July 3. Thanks!
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@NydiaEdwards no not yet should be in the next few days tho.
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@KellyOConnor hey is there any news about the p3 numbers for a poster yet?
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@NydiaEdwards nope no word yet sorry
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@NydiaEdwards Here ya go they just posted the the first 100 P3 ticket holders to get posters on their site http://www.subkultureent.com/got7-p3
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@KellyOConnor omg thank u so much馃槶
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