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Hey all! Just checking in and see how everyone's doing and sharing some highlights of the community.

Vingler's Favorite Place to Shop

Thanks to everyone's contribution, we were able to compile a list of cool places to shop! It will be updated as we go, so if you have any suggestions, head over to that card and leave a comment.

Day to Night Outfit Challenge

You can either create a fashion outfit board or take a photo of your outfit. Cindy's day-night Outfit (moodboard version) Main Item: Ribbed '70s High Neck Top Day: H&M Slacks / Classic Vitello Tan Womens Loafer / Textured Faux Stone Earrings

Prom Dress Challenge

Calling all ladies to show off their prom dress! It doesn't matter if your prom was in the 90s or 2016, you can still participate. All you need is a beautiful picture of your in your dress! Wear it again if you wish.
That's it for now! If you have any ideas for May please leave a comment below or contact the fashion crew! Moderator: @cindystran The Shopaholic: @jordanhamilton Thank you! :)
@TessStevens if you're interested in becoming a fashion community support I'll be glad to add as the Resident Shoe Guru. :)
@cindystran If you don't continue tagging me, I'll beat you with my best friend's make up kit. :-)
@Jaileejailee lol I will definitely keep that in mind. ❤️
:-) ♡
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