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Went back to Japan Town one last time before moving soon. It was nice to be there. πŸ‘Œ γ•γ‚ˆγͺら!
So I came to JapanTown one last time before finishing school and moving into a different city, I'll definitely miss this place and everything there. Came here since little and now moving. Sorry I didn't get enough important pictures, I was too caught up in the moments. Goodbye JapanTown(SF)! :D
lucky!!!!! I'm so jealous!!!
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@Flare4522 if you live in or near San Francisco, you'll be able to go too! :D
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@Vellzo I live in Pomona but I got college to worry about. :(
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@Flare4522 oh never mind then! πŸ˜… Keep focusing on college mate, graduate then go to Japan for a week lol
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