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RapMon(Namjoon) x Reader this was requested by @Helixx. enjoy ^_^ Caution when entering deep feels
So what if your hearts breaking it doesn't matter, because if you bother to even talk about how you feel, your consider Selfish. Someone who only think about themself and never of others. You grown tired of always tiring to be that perfect person, just to hear everyone say. 'your just not good enough' or 'all you do is complain, your inappropriate, and never there when someone needs you.' it's come to the point of why even bother anymore. your never going to be good enough so why even try when no one ever seen to be there when you try and why help out other when no one there when you need to cry. "I don't need anybody to help me I can do it on my own" you shouted, your throat was super dry it made it difficult for you to even gulp down your spite. Namjoon walked over to you and grabbed the Four heavy box's from you and took them where they belonged. you stood there trying to catch your breath, since you've been up stocking box's all morning without any rest. "Why are you so stubborn?" Namjoon ruffled your hair. "I told you I could do it on my own" you said while snatching away the box's from his hands. the box's fell from your hands and hit the ground breaking all the glass cups. you panicked you didn't know why that happen. your arms had just given out. you quickly drop to the ground and started picking up all the broken piece. "Yah! your going to hurt yourself." Namjoon grab you by your arm and lifted you back onto your feet. "I TOLD YOU I DON'T NEED HELP!! AH" you barked stomping your feet, when suddenly you feel your whole left arm starting to cramp up. "it hurts" you cried. Namjoon grab your shoulders with one hand and your wrist with the other and slowly starched your arm then moving up and down back and forth then in circulation. he wiped way your tears giving you a gently smile. "(Y/N) you need to learn to accept help" Namjoon caressed your cheek. you looked down at the ground, you could feel your heart beat speeding up. you tried to ignore these feeling you started feeling for Namjoon but no matter how much you try he comes along and makes your heart beat so fast. "I don't want anybody help" you snarled. "Why won't you let me help you?" Namjoon asked concerned. "Why so in the end, you'll rub it in my face and constantly tell me I can't do anything on my own." you growled as you rolled your eyes "I don't know what made you think that why but I'm not like that" Namjoon assured you. "that what they all say" your began to tear up. Namjoon lean in and kiss your forehead. "I'm not like everyone else" you started to blush and Namjoon noticed it, as he leaned in again and kissed your lips. you quickly pulled away. your eyes opened wide. what should you do? Your co work is making a move on you and he really hot too. Namjoon smirked as he unbuttoned his white collar shirt. you gulped down what you had left of saliva. Namjoon grab by your waist as he slammed you against the large the Rackets of food. causing everything to drop. you wrapped your arms around the back of his neck as your lips smacked against each other. Namjoon grab your ass which made you flinch since it was unexpected. you pushed Namjoon against the sink. you took charge as you broke away from the sloppy kiss that left both your lips dark red. Namjoon licked your neck then kissed it nibbling on it. as you undone his belt and pants. you pushed Namjoon away dropping down on your knees and shoving his member in whole deep into your mouth. Namjoon let out a loud pleasuring groan as tangled his fingers into your hair. grabbing a fist full as you bobbed your head, slurping up all of his yummy juices. "AH (Y/N) God you so good with your mouth uh" Namjoon moaned. you swirled your tongue around his members as you pulled it out slowly. this made Namjoon Body quiver. you smirked looking up at Namjoon as you flicked the tip of the head with your finger, teasing him. Namjoon pulled you to the desk and bent you over, picking up your skirt and pulling down your panties he spread your legs as he got on his knees. He stuck his tongue into you. Dipping it in and out. you slammed your hands on the desk grunting as he played with your marble( clit ) with his tongue and fingerings you. "UGH SHIT! NAMJOON SHOVE YOUR DICK! DEEP INSIDE OF ME!" your begged desperately. Namjoon stood up still having three fingers inside of you his palm smacking your ass. he Lean in towards you and whispered seductively. "You want me?" "uh huh" you whimper. "yeah... how bad." he teased as he slowly pulled his fingers out. "really b-Bad mmm Ah" you yelped as he shoved them back in. "fine, let me relieve all of your stress " Namjoon huffed. Namjoon sat down onto the brown chair as he pulled you on top. He gripped your waist tightly as he slammed you onto of his member causing them to enter deep inside of your wet moist Vag. you let out a loud cry. "UH YES OH GOD FUCK UH NAMJOON FUCK ME" you moaned. you smack your ass against his lap as you felt his member rubbing your insides. they felt so amazingly good the way they filled you up. Namjoon rub your clit while you bounce on his Dick. "uh (Y/N) I love the way it feels inside of you mmmh" Namjoon huffed against your neck. you smack down even hard you started to feel a weird tingling sensation. "AH SHIT UH OH GOD FUCK YES MORE UH YES YES" you hollered as Namjoon quickly lift you up and thrust his member deeper and faster. "I'M CUM!" you both moaned out together. Namjoon laid you on the table as he slowly lost his pace, he quickly pulled it out letting it fall on top of you, "uh fuck" you panted as you felt something dripped out of you. "want me to clean you up?" he smirked you nod your head looking at him innocently. he went down and started lapping you up. your body squirm around, you were already super sensitive. you cum again on Namjoon face. Namjoon got up and kiss you passionately. "Now your mine and no matter how much you want to leave your not allowed to. do you understand (Y/N)" Namjoon grab your hair and kissed you rough. you nod your head and wrapped your legs around him grinding them. "EXCUSE ME!!" you both quickly pulled away. Namjoon pulling up his pants and you pulling down your skirt. you both rush out to the front. where Jhope and Jin waited. with to items to buy. "Oh sorry for the wait you " you smiled nervously. "It's all good..." Jin said. you jolted as you felt Namjoon hands grab your butt. you glared at him as he smirked. "Hey Guys" Namjoon greeted Jhope and Jin. "is that all your getting for today?" you asked. Jin smiles and nods his head handing you the money. "alright see you guys later "Namjoon said to Jin and Jhope. "You too, oh wait... you already did " Jhope remarked winking and nudging Jin. "YAH!" you shouted as they took of running. you drop the ground covering your face in embarrassment. Namjoon crouched down in front of you. "It's okay their gone..." You looked up. "wanna fuck again" Namjoon smirked. "no...yes " you quickly ran to the back as Namjoon chased after you.
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