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I'm in my house, just watching tv, then I hear my phone ring, it's Ken. I answer, "여보세요!" "hey gigi want to go to a vacation with me and the members?" "sure why not." "okay. we leave tomorrow morning." "kay then I'll pack up now." I hunged up and packed my suitcase.
we arrive at our hotel. at this place there's the ocean that means the beach! "ken 오빠 고마워요." "hey no problem at all. we all need a vacation." so sweet of him
we checked in at the front desk I got my room key and was heading there, then Leo oppa came and shyly said, "want me to help carry your suitcase." "no it's okay I don't want to bother you." "its no bother." we both walk to our rooms before entering my room I thanked him and he smile. "hey um.. maybe we can hang out later or something." "hmm we'll see." I smile and went in.
I jumped on top of my bed. then I hear the door open, I got up and saw Hongbin walking in. "What is going on? why do you-" "I booked to be here with you." he showed those adorable dimples. "뭐?" "yup. now we are rommies." i guess I don't mind since I have this feelings for him.
we've been the whole place in one day but I want to go somewhere now, so we were about to go back to the hotel when i told them. "hey I want to go somewhere if you guys want you can head back." "hmm okay. Just be careful." N oppa said. "누나 잠깐만. I want to go with you." Hyuk said. "sure." So we went to the place. when we arrive I remove my shoes and began admiring the scenery, the sunsetting at the beach, me and Hyuk walked on the beach.
Hyuk and I went back to the hotel, he went to his room and I did too. when I enter the room I see hongbin well dressed, "are you going somewhere?" "yup. and you're coming with me." "umm I want to shower first." "Okay. at 7:30 we have to be at the place." he said, I nodded and took a quick shower and change into a nice formal outfit. we left to a nice restaurant, Hongbin had made reservation. "I hope you like this." he smile showing those dimples once again. there was soft music playing, a quiet place and very beautiful. Hongbin hands me beautiful red rose.
it's been already the end of our vacation, is the last day to be here. so we all decided to go to the beach. then N and Hyuk had smirks on their face "what are you guys up to?" they didn't say they just grabbed me and took me all the way to the ocean and threw me in. all I hear is them laughing. it had to be the leader-maknae. I went out and started chasing them.
there was a bonfire at the beach and everyone was singing laughing, all except for one, Hongbin just stared at me. "do I have something on my face?" "you're really beautiful." "umm thanks." "do you know why I booked to be in the same room with you. is cause i want to be with. l want to spend some time alone with. I wanted to make a special dinner for you." he took my hands and we both stood up, we just stare right into each others eyes. "gigi. I really like you. like you more than just friends." "binnie. I do too. my feelings for you grew and grew every time we spend together. we both smile. "so that means?" "oh yes." I giggle.
our vacation was done, we are going back home in seoul. I'm happy at the end I end up dating my binnie. ❤
my two baises in VIXX are Ravi and Hongbin. so I'll be happy to get either. love this screenshots. i can make short stories. you'll find this screenshot game here: by: @AnimeeH
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Recent sweet Hongbin. So glad you two ended up together in the end!