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chapter 11 : Step 9

lexi Marie’s pov

"I don't need your help..." I said.
But regardless I did as he said. My locker finally opened, he thinks he's so smart. Freakin idiot.
"I'm glad you're back." He said.
I scoffed. "Oh please. If anything you should be the one who's loathing my presence at school."
"That's not true. I've been-"
"I don't care. I don't want to hear your voice nor do I want anything to do with you." I closed my locker and began walking to class.
"Wait...Marie, I need to tell you something." He grabbed my wrist.
I pulled away. "Don't touch me!"
His eyes widened.
"Listen, you made it perfectly clear that you hate me. You despise me. I get it okay? So just leave me alone, I'm being nice about this Suga. Just leave me alone. You said what you had to so that's that. If it's about your money don't worry about it, I'll give it to you afterschool" I said.
"No. I don't want it." He looked at me.
"Oh right. You're too good for my money, you've 'slain the dragon' now so my money is nothing now. Regardless, a deal is a deal. If not I'll just have to mail it to you." I kept walking.
"Marie, I....I....I love you!"
My eyes widened and I stopped walking. What?
"Marie, I'm sorry I hurt you but I was just afraid okay? I was afraid that if I told you I liked you you'd reject me cuz I'm second class but when I read your letter-"
"Shut up...just shut up! That letter was a mistake! I don't like you much less love you! If anything....I hate you. I hate you Suga! Do you hear me?!" I yelled.
He stayed quiet.
I felt like I was going to cry so I paced myself and went to class.
Teacher: Oh Ms. Tipton it's great to have you back. Please take your seat.
Everyone was staring at me as I walked to my seat and sat down. Classes went by really slow but once it was lunch it seemed to be going faster.
V: Hey the guys and I were wondering if you wanted to hang out for a while after schools out.
"What're we going to do?" I asked.
Jungkook: Play soccer.
"I don't do sports..." I said.
Jimin: But you played when Suga....
RM: Jimin.
He shook his head.
"It's okay. I'm sorry. I just-"
Jimin: No. I'm sorry, I shouldn't had mentioned anything.
"It's alright. Honest. I'll play with you guys, some exercise will do me good." I smiled.
Jin: How was class?
"Boring as hell. I don't wanna go to school anymore but I at least have to graduate high school to get inheritance." I said.
Jhope: You mean after you get out of high school you're set?
"Yeah. Pretty much. But I mean sometimes I think about how I'll be wasting my life doing nothing. I've seen and visited the countries I've wanted too so I mean school would be my only pass time you know? Unless I get married and have kids but I've decided not to do any of that until I hit 30 or 35. Plus knowing my step mom she'll play match maker or my mother will play a part in that. Who knows." I shrugged.
Jin: You mean you don't get to pick who you marry?
"Well, I can but the whole point of being rich is to stay that way therefore find someone who's of equal or more caliber than you." I explained.
Jungkook: So in other words you marry for money?
"Mm, yeah. Pretty much. Sounds sad and pathetic doesn't it?" I smiled.
V: But what happens if you fall for someone who's not rich?
"Well, my father wouldn't care. Lucielle wouldn't either. My mother would, she's all about what you have. She wasn't like that before..well she was but now it's a bit much. She will judge and say mean things, that's why at the time when I was paying your friend I never wanted my mom to even know I was 'dating' him. She would've gone crazy and probably would've gone to great extent to get me out of this school or take him out. But as far as marrying someone who isn't rich, I can because I have my inheritance." I explained.
Jimin: So in other words you can marry a second class person but It won't have as much benefits as it would if you married a rich person.
"Yup. That pretty much sums it up" I said.
"Can I sit here?"
I took a deep breath. "I'll see you guys later. I need to talk to Tiffany."
I stood up and walked away.
I bumped into Winston on the way to locker.
"Winston. Did you get the papers?"
"No. Ms. Tipton, you can't transfer as of yet. You'll have to participate in a talent show as your final grade, see you don't have enough credits and if you do this and get a score of 80 or more it'll count towards your credit and also you can't skip school until then. That's the only way"
"Ugh. Great. Well....I'll think of something don't worry. As long as it gets me outta here I'm fine with it. Thank you Winston for coming" I smiled.
He smiled. "My pleasure miss. I'll see you at home."
He excused himself and walked away.
What on earth will I do for the talent show? Sing? Dance? Both? But what should I sing and dance? It has to wow people or make them cry one of the two. Maybe I'll play the piano? That's something no one knows about...not even...him. I'll come up with something.


I can't believe she said she hated me. I played with my food.
Jimin: What's up?
"She hates me" I looked at him.
Jungkook: No she doesn't, she's just...mad.
"She yelled it in the hallway." I said.
Jhope: In the hallway?
I explained.
V: You told her you loved her?!
"Shh!" I looked around to see if anyone was staring. "Yes okay. I admitted it and her response was that she hated me. Guys, I don't know what I'm going to do."
Tiffany: Hey have you guys seen Lexi?
RM: She was looking for you.
Jin: Yeah she said she needed to talk to you.
Tiffany: Hmm, well I haven't seen her. Oh, are you guys going to be in the talent show?
Jimin: Talent show?
Tiffany: Yeah. There's going to be a talent show. I was looking for Lexi to see if she'd do a dance with me but yeah..I haven't seen her.
Then it hit me. I know what I'm going to do.

lexi Marie’s pov

I decided to skip soccer with the guys. I told them I needed to do something important, although I was a bit skeptical about seeing his parents I still wanted to thank them. After all I'll be leaving when the talent show is over and done with. My mind is completely made up. I drove to his house and parked the car. I counted up the money to make sure it was complete. I took a deep breath and got out of the car, I walked to the front door. I rang the doorbell and only prayed that Suga didn't answer the door.
"Yes? How can I....oh! Marie! Hey sweety! I haven't seen you in such a long time it seems." Ms. Min hugged me.
I hugged her back. "Hello Ms. Min."
"I already told you no need to be so proper with me. Please come in." She smiled.
I smiled back. She's such a nice lady, I mean her first impression was rash but she's been very good to me. She's treated me like one of her own. I felt at home here but it fills me with sadness to have to be here to say goodbye.
I went inside. She made some tea and we sat on the couch. We chatted a little bit and then I dropped the bomb. I told her I was leaving for London.
"London? But why? Has Yoongi done something to you?!" She was becoming bothered and a bit upset.
"No...see, the truth is that he and I were never really together." I said.
She's clearly didn't know what I was talking about her so I explained.
She laughed.
"No. You two were definitely in love. There's no doubt about it. Yoongi really likes you Marie. Please don't break his heart."
A mother's plead really gets to you. The way she looked at me just now made me feel sad.
"The thing is...he broke mine. I came here to thank you for everything, because of you and your husband I was able to know what a true family is like. To feel loved and wanted, to be around happy faces who are always so welcoming. I felt the love here, something I had never experienced. I'm so grateful for that but I already made up my mind." I said. "I'm sorry"
"No. I'm sorry. I honestly didn't think Yoongi could ever do such a thing, I apologize for what he did. If there's anything I can do...please let me know"
"You've done so much already." I smiled. "There isn't really anything to apologize for but I'd like to leave you something if that's okay"
"What is it?" She asked.
"This" I handed her an envelope. "I can't repay you for all your kindness and love. You took such great care of me and taught me so much. I never knew how to make a simple fried egg and you taught me all there is to know about being a house wife. Please accept this as a token of my gratitude."
She opened the envelope and gasped. "No! I can't possibly accept this. This is so much...I can't, Lexi you were and are loved here in our home for who you are not what you have. I can't accept this."
"But I insist. Please. It's the least I can do." I said. "Please..."
She sighed. "Oh sweetheart...." She hugged me.
I hugged her back. "I'm going to miss you."
"Do you have to go? Think about it....I know what he did was wrong but I'm sure he regrets it...give it a chance." She whispered.
I can't....
We pulled away.
"I should get going. I have to practice for the talent show." I said.
"You're going to be in it?" She asked.
I nodded.
"I'm definitely going to go. What will you do?" She asked.
"Play the piano and sing." I said.
"That's great, I'll be there" she smiled. "I wouldn't miss it for the world."
"Thank you" I smiled and got up from the couch.
She opened the door and standing outside was Suga. He was open to open the door it seemed, he had the key in his hand. He looked at me.
"Oh I almost forgot." I reached into my bag again. "Here. That's the last of it."
"I don't want it." He said.
I handed it to his mom. "Thank you for the tea."
She gave Suga a serious look.
"Excuse me" I walked past him.
"Marie. Wait..." He went after me.
I kept walking to my car. I don't have time for this.
"Marie!" He grabbed my arm.
"What?!" I looked at him as I tried pulling away but that obviously wasn't going to happen.
"Take your money back because I don't want it."
"Ya! A deal is a deal. You held your end of the bargain and I'm going to keep mine. You're lucky your parents are on my good side. I already told you that I want nothing to do with you, so let go of me!" I pulled away.
"Marie, I love you. I love you. Why don't you believe me? What do I have to do for you to believe me?" He looked at me.
"Love me? Ha! Don't make me laugh. As if I don't remember your words, ' I've always despised you, this moment right here is what I wanted to do from the moment I laid eyes on you. If you would've asked me out or even told me that you had feelings for me, I would've laughed in your face and told you that you're the most ugly and idiotic person I know.' There's no doubt in my mind that you were just pretending to say that. The only thing I'm happy about is that Dylan stopped bugging me, that's the only benefit I got out of what we had. Oh, wait let me rephrase that....what I was PAYING you to do. We never had anything." I said.
"But your note. You said you liked me..."
"That was before I knew how you viewed me. You got your wish, to make a joke out of me because you hated me. Honestly even though most of the school hated me, you were the only one to actually hurt me with those words. But anyway, that doesn't matter. It's not like I'm going to be around for long so..." I said as I got into my car.
"But, just listen okay? Just...."
I turned on my car and put my seat belt on.
"Can you listen?! I...." He said standing outside the driver’s side.
I ignored him and drove away. I don't have time for this.


As she drove off, I felt my heart sink. She really does hate me. I sighed and walked inside my house.
I assume my mom already knows. I can tell by the tone of her voice.
"How could you do that?! Marie was and is such a nice girl! Why would you do that?! Just wait until your father gets home! Shame on you! That poor girl is leaving because she can't take what you did to her!"
"Leaving? Where? When?"
"To London! After the talent show she said. Yoongi! I'm disappointed in you! She's really hurt!"
She kept yelling at me and lecturing me on how bad I messed up. But all I could think about was Lexi leaving. If she moves to London...I'll never see her again. She won't want to come back anymore. I can't let this happen.
"Mom, I gotta go meet with the guys"
"No! You're grounded!"
"Aigoo! Umma! This is important. It's for the talent show, okay? Bye" I quickly made my way to Rap Mons place.
Jimin: Woah. You're breathing really fast.
Jin: Where's the fire?
"" I tried to catch my breath. "Talent show....Lexi...she's....leaving....."
Jungkook: Leaving?! But she told us she was staying....
V: Guess she changed her mind.
RM: What kind of song?
"A love song. I want to make it for her, but I need you guys to help me out." I said.
Jhope: Sure we'll help. Let's get started.
We discussed the song and what it would be about. Also choreography, I'm going to make her stay and I'm going to get her back.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>To Be Continued......

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