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We see this a lot in baseball.

The opposing team's player hits a home run. You catch it. And then you throw it back to the field to protest the homer. In some parks (for example, Dodgers Stadium), throwing baseballs back into the field is banned.
But even if it's allowed (like in AT&T Park and Rogers Centre), I personally would never, ever throw back a baseball that I caught during a game. Yes I would not want the opposing team to hit a homer, but catching a baseball...

it's a once in lifetime thing.

So baseball fans,

Would you ever throw back a baseball that you caught just because it was a home run by the opposing team?

Next goal in life.

Catch a baseball with a cup of beer. But probs won't drink it like the guy above.

keep, definitely keep
I don't see the point in throwing a ball back also.. Give it to a fan if it's that's serious
That guy who caught the homer with his brew is a walking legend lol
I would not throw away a ball I actually caught!