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Kpop Beauty: TWICE Hairstyles!

I just watched TWICE's new comeback and I LOVED how they were able to use so many concepts in one video!

I really loved some of the hairstyles and how different they were so I was digging around Vingle and found a few tutorials that might help us all recreate the looks!

Watch the video first and then check out the tutorials below!

It's going to be stuck in my head all day...


Jungyeon is much, much braver than I am (I've always wanted to go short) and ROCKS the pixie look for this comeback. She looks so effortlessly pretty!

Check out these links below:


It's totally subtle, but Nayeon has a really cute french braid that turns into pig tails! Here are a frew really sweet french braid tutorials to try!

Check out these links below:


Dahyun roooooocks the updo! She was given the more traditional concept and she looks like a doll! Her updo is really sleek, but the little loose pieces back it look laid back at the same time. Here are a few ways to get this look:

Check out these links below:


Chaeyoung's bob is perfect and I NEED to finally get one one day. I keep telling myself I can't pull it off but these tutorials make it seem do-able!?

Check out these links below:


Ugh, how is she so gorgeous!?!? Her long wavy hair is so perfect and makes me happy that I haven't gotten my hair cut in almost a year now (meant to do it over xmas but forgot...oops) Totally trying some of these tomorrow!

Check out these links below:


Momo slaaaays with thsi really cool pony tail hairstyle. I love pony tails cause they're so easy but with the right tricks they're really chic! Here are a few ways to do it!

Check out these links below:


SANA HOW ARE YOU REAL. These "aline buns" are the cutest things in the world and I will shamelessly wear them sometime soon. They look so perfect for summer!

Check out these links below:


Mina looks so simple and chic with her straight medium hairstyle. Plus, her roots are a sliiiightly different color (pink??) and I absolutely love it!

Check out these links below:


Jihyo stop being so great. Her long wavy hair is so thick and lovely and I NEED IT ON MY HEAD lol. Definitely going to try to pump up the volume soon!

Check out these links below:

Which hairstyle was your favorite?!

thank you for this, helps me learn their names too!
Momo and Tzuyu's ^^ But trust me, if I could rock a bob, A-line ponytails, or a pixie cut I WOULD
I love Nation's hair since it looks so cute and adorable!!! I probably wouldn't wear it that often but it's adorable!!
hair style wise. Mina takes the win
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