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I'm really getting sick of all this controversy over IKON's photos featured in DAZED. Our boys are hard working people who went through a lot to get to where they are todayband don't deserve the hate they're currently receiving. I was wondering if any of the IKONics would join me in trending a #ikonprotectionsquad on twitter against the neitzens and haters lashing out on our boys. Even if you aren't an IKON fan, you might know what it's like to see a group you adore being stuck under the pressure of haters, I'm not sure if anyone is willing to do this with me but if you are I'll be hashtagging regularly on twitter, hopefully this will go somewhere or atleast let the boys know that we have their backs. I'll leave my twitter username below, have a great vingle day whether you guys join the twitter squad or not
Reasons to consider joining the protection squad... Our lovely boys
The fetus pictures kill me Twitter username: @kassiemack_
I just tweeted. I'm sick of all these idols getting hate for no reason!
I don't get on twitter but I agree with you. people are stupid.
@axosrain I don't tweet often but, this irked me enough to at least tweet something about this craziness.