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Yeeeaaaaa. It's been a long time since i've dated anybody. It's hard 2 find someone that I rly rly like, & somebody who honestly likes me. Might b bc I like 2 take things slow & I'm more of a "best friend" type, so stuff like flirting or anything more than an occasional quick kiss isn't rly my thing. When I like somebody, its a completely innocent form: nervously holding hands, hugs, shy moments. I like the way it feels when I find somebody I like. That giddy, happy vibe, the jealousy, all those different emotions.... But... Acccckkkkk. Maaannnn, sometimes tho I just wish I'd never like-liked anybody in my life, that way I wouldn't know what it feels like & I wouldn't miss it, u know? xD I guess I'm a little complex. Whatevs. Guess I'll just wait til I find that special person who makes me feel that again.
I feel you - I'm happy in my relationship but I do miss the nervous feeling of having a crush :/
@sophiamor I see. So I guess I'm not the only one then. ^_^