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So my senior prom is coming up and I got this dress(I'm sooo in love with it, it fits perfectly and everything!!!!). But I'm stumped as to what my hairstyle should be and my make up. if you all have any ideas I'd really like to know. it'll help a lot, really. if it'll help too, I have mid-back length hair, and my complexion is light brown(I guess that's what you call it, not really knowledgeable about makeup) Thank you so much!
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Oh wow!!! 😍 this dress is sooo hott!!!! You'll look absolutely stunning!!! Go for red lips if you're up for it and leave everything else neutral!!!
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@HairConfetti I dont have bangs and thanks for your input!
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@MyAffairWith thank youuuu and yeah I'll try that. I'm not much of a girl that puts on a load of makeup ^.^
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@Mikiru123 You're welcome. =)
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@Mikiru123 that's completely fine. I hope you put lipstick on though!! You'll look gorgeous, hot and stunning!! ^_^
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