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Imagine....Your first date with Jungkook.....

(little different then my usual Imagines, you get to pick your outfit from my options... sorry if they don't fit your style... >-<)
Jungkook finally asks you out on a date. Being your first time going on a date you worry about everything, so to make things easier you just go with what you know he likes.... Amusement Park...
Your struggling to figure out what outfit to wear so you gather 4 different outfits.... to decided what to wear at a amusement park.... besides all the crazy fast roller coaster you'll probably get stuck getting on, you really only hope to be able to ride the Ferris wheel once.
He was happy with what you decided to do for the date. *You guys enter park, and the date begins*
Once at the park you guys began getting on rides. You both got on varieties of rides from scary all the way to kiddy rides, Which the kiddy rides helped you alot to make it through the date because rides were never your things.
*Time flies by and now it's 7:33pm* You guys finally decided to take a break... while at the table waiting for Jungkook to comeback you stare at the Ferris wheel. Your one BIG request for Jungkook was to be able to go on the Ferris wheel, but you couldn't get the nerve to ask him... Jungkook who was coming back stop and stared you while you gazed at the Ferris Wheel, he could tell that you wanted to ride it.... Do you want to go ride the Ferris Wheel (Y/N)? You turn around and look at him.. and nod your head Yes. and smiles at him. He smiles back and grabs your hand and takes you both to the Ferris Wheel.
Your both sitting in the Ferris wheel a little nervous because well.. there's not much to do... You look out the window and get scared because you never really been that high up in the sky.. So you cover your eyes (/。\) (Y/N) are you scared of heights? You nod your head again, he laughs at you.. which makes you even more a mess. He grabs your hands and tells you to look at him. (Y/N) your face is all red, are you that scared? He doesn't realize that him grabbing hold of your hands isn't helping. He looks at you and asks. Is it alright if I sit next to you? You nod your head Yes. He turns you towards him and says (Y/N) just focus on me and nothing else okay? You blush, and he smiles and you guys start to talk, which is a big help to ease your mind.. You forget that your high up until BOOM!!! The cage your starts to shake around crazily, you get scared again and cover your face. (/。\) Jungkook sighs and says (Y/N).... You look towards his voice hands still covering your face, He chuckles moves your hands and stares at you... You face is all red. He slowly leans in towards your face and whispers Hopefully this will help distract you...
Then he kisses you!
The Ferris Wheel finally docks and you both get off holding hands not talking you still blushing from that kiss, Its time to get you home now (Y/N) You just nod your head... *Walking* You finally arrive at your door, he lets go of your hand and says I had a fun time, I hope you enjoyed yourself too. You look up at him..
Smiling Big. I loved it!
He smiles. I'm glad.....
THE END! ^^ Thank you for reading. ~~^^
@sarahdarwish thank you! ^_^
I GUESS ILL HAVE TO DREAM ON. This was too cute. >//<