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Happy Sunday eveyone, I hope you guys have a lovley day today!! It's Yugyeom special day so let's make sure to make cards and show him so love. Be sure to tag me and the rest of the team in them!
*Yugyeom and the reader * You hear a knock on the door just as the microwave goes off. You quickly go to door and look through the peephole to see your boyfriend, Yugyeom, standing there with a small stack of movies in his hands. "Hey handsome" you say aa you open the door and step aside for him to come in. "Hey beautiful " he says kissing you lightly the cheek. You blush and quickly shut the door following him into the kitchen. He sets the movies down while you go to the microwave to retrieve the popcorn,(A/N i feel so smarticle using the word retrieve). Once in the living room you both sit on the couch and he pops in some horror movie. The two of you lean back on the couch , you in between his legs, back on his chest. He pulls you close his strong hands wrapped around your waist ,chin resting on your head. "I love you Brownie" you say as the opening credits roll. "I love you too Jagi"
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