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{FNF} Favorite non-fairy-tail character
I would have to go with gambit he is a great guy. Part of the X-men can make even playing cards into bombs he's every 14 year old mtg fans hero to only be as good as him at cards
Wait you can't choose out of the anime!!
my real fnf is Sho he is great and like me in many ways. Was left by the girl he trusted the most and had trouble trusting her when she came back plus he loves cards as well who doesn't love a great card trick especially when you can trap,someone in the cards
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@SAMURXAI @OtakuDemon10 😂😂😂idfk why but I am dying
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lol it was low key punny, which makes it extremely funny
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@SAMURXAI @TBird Little bit 😉
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sho is basically gambit
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